Zombie Highway 2 Tips, Strategies, cheats and guide

Zombie Highway 2 Tips, Strategies, cheats and guide

Hey Zombie Highway 2 lovers. Want to master the game? How about some tips, tricks and strategies to get you far? Then Topappsreviews.com has you covered. If you want to know what we think about Zombie Highway 2 please read our review on Zombie Highway 2 Review- The Zombies are out to get you at all cost, don’t let them have your brain.



To use cars you don’t have scroll down really fast to the one you don’t have and click select.

Guns firing rate is depended on on whether you are holding vs tapping. Handguns specifically can fire much faster when you TAP. Tapping quickly can be more distracting than simply holding, which is why you are rewarded with a greater fire rate.


You can do double damage when zombie’s life bar blinks. The better the weapon is the more serious the damage will be.

You can avoid getting your car flipped by sharply turning to your right when your on your right two wheels.

To get a free minigun drive 500 miles

With ZH 2 speed is of the utmost importance if you want to do more damage to zombies. It’s all about speed. The trick is to hit them fast without letting your car touch wrecked vehicles.

If bashing a zombie doesn’t do the trick just give him a few rounds to the face as he will be more susceptible to damage while stunned from a hit

Smashing zombie’s outside if the tunnel will slows the car down, making it easier to tip over. Smashing zombie’s in the wall however is very effective when driving through tunnels as it will give you safe passage.

Weapons-wise, save up for the big hitters over the automatics. Revolvers, shotguns, and the more exotic weapons pack a greater wallop. Just make sure you hit the reload button more often.

We know you love using nitro; we do too, but save up your nitro boost for when you will really need it. Nitro boost will come in very you have no ammo and when fat zombies attached to your car, nitro will keep your car level and build up enough speed to bash them off in one go. Nitro boost will also come in very handy when your wall-in as you can bash zombies at great speed.

Reload every time you hit a straight stretch of road devoid of zombies or wreckages. There’s nothing worse than running out of ammo while a raging red zombie beats against the window.

We know you love showing those zombies a thing or two, but it is much better to try and avoid them as much as possible rather than hitting them. There are two ways of avoiding zombies: driving behind them or by swerving towards them but narrowly missing. The last option will stop them from leaping to your car as they won’t have any space to do so.

Put the car on two wheels by steering your vehicle into the tipping motion. This will counteract the jolt. You could also ram the affected side of the car into a wall if there’s one available, as it will prevent it from overturning. This will however slow down your car so ensure the threat from the other side isn’t just as bad.

For the first few miles zombies will not pose an imminent treat so focus on your driving. If you are not able to scrape zombies off after a few tries, start shooting.

The tunnel may seem difficult, but most of the debris is angled so you can deflect off of it. Stay calm and you will survive.

Hard zombies are worth A LOT more than weak ones so focus mostly on these.

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Please see Zombie Highway 2 Review- The Zombies are out to get you at all cost, don’t let them have your brain