Zombie Highway 2 Review- The Zombies are out to get you at all cost, don’t let them have your brain

Zombie Highway 2 Review- The Zombies are out to get you at all cost, don’t let them have your brain

If your one of those persons, like me, that loves games that allows me to do reckless driving, kill some zombies with 16 guns to choose from and four cars to pick from then you will love the latest addition to the Zombie Highway family, Zombie Highway 2 by Auxbrain.

For those of you who are not familiar with Zombie Highway, gameplay and control is very simple. The aim of the game for those that are unfamiliar is not familiar with Zombie Highway is to drive along a post-apocalyptic road while trying to avoid zombies coming at you from all angles. To prevent zombies from jumping onto the side of your vehicle you will have to either run them over, smashing them against the sides of obstacles, or find some other ways of getting rid of them. If you do not get rid of the zombies then they will tug on your vehicle. If more than one zombie pulls on the side of your car, it will flip over, and the game will end. The end goal is to survive as long as possible, which is very difficult but I am sure you will have fun trying to. To control and or play the game simple tilt your device to steer to avoid obstacles all while trying to smash zombies into debris or run them over before they can jump on your car.

Did I mention that the methods discuss above or not the only means of killing zombies? You have a choice of 16 guns of handguns, shotguns, and automatics to choose from to shoot zombies. Shoot recently smashed zombies for extra damage!



The zombies have one mission, and that is to take your brain, at any cost. Your job is to therefore to drive your car along the road as long as you can, the longer you can keep your brain is the higher your score will be. To survive you must use every weapon, skills and tactics at your disposal, no zombie should survive.

Playing Zombie Highway 2 I couldn’t help but stop to admire the graphics which you will notice is very clean and crisp. Even the menus are themselves one of a kind and navigating through the game menus is child’s play as it is well organize therefore players will not have any problem navigating this game. With 8 levels in 3 different gaming environments there is never a dull moment as players will be able to choose for four (4) different cars and sixteen (16) weapons to play around with.

I did not have much problem with Zombie Highway 2 only that when I first started playing the game I had a little problem controlling the car, probably it’s because I hate tilting and prefer touching controls, but that’s my choice. Everything ran smoothly and I didn’t notice any sign of lagging. Overall Zombie Highway 2 is a great game to have in your game arsenal.

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Summary: Zombie Highway 2 is a highly addictive game with highly polished gameplay that will keep you playing for hours with crisp 3D graphics and excellent sound quality. The game is easy to play yet hard to master
Gameplay - 9.5
Game/App Feature - 9
Graphics / Sound Rating - 9.5

User Rating: 8.7 (1 votes).

Zombie Highway 2 Review- The Zombies are out to get you at all cost, don’t let them have your brain 4.5 5 2