WhatsApp Messenger Review

WhatsApp Messenger Review

We are now living in an instant communication world where every second millions of people around the world are communicating through some form of messages system sending billions of messages ever minute. This development in technology has brought about many companies struggling to come up with the best messaging system that will grab the people’s attention. WhatsApp is just one of them, and seems to be one of the best.

WhatsApp is a free messaging system for one year then after it’s ……….
WhatsApp works by pulling your contacts directly from your phone book then allowing you to send them text messaging format type of messages through active internet connection. Your account is attach to your phone number.
WhatsApp allows it’s users to create groups which is very similar to creating and joining a group on Facebook. Once your a part of a certain group every messages sent through the group portal you will be see as it’s sent to all group members. You can also communicate with all group members and leave the group whenever you please.

Other then groups, WhatsApp allows you to send voice messages to each other’s which I have found very helpful when I am not in the mood to write messages are I am very busy. How about sending that special person that photo or video you just took? WhatsApp allows you to send videos or photos from your gallery and then send them immediately to your contact.

The only downfall I see is that If you don’t have a device that has a phone book you will not be able to use this system, eg you will not be able to use WhatsApp if your using a tablet that doesn’t use SIM card. This therefore limits the number of devices that can use this service, unlike Skype which can be access on any device and is therefore not so versatile. WhatsApp also cannot be use on computers, it was only made for mobile phones.

When comparing WhatsApp with Skype messaging system, Skype seems to have the upper-hand as Skype can be access across a wide variety of devices from mobile to tablet to computers and laptops, it doesn’t matter what device or technology your using, you can access Skype with it. There is also more features such as video chat, voice call amongst other great features we all grown to love. However both was made for different market and equally has a large worldwide following. For example Skype is mostly use to conduct business transaction as it’s quick and easy and can be access using any form of technology, while WhatsApp was created for the mobile market for quick and easy text message format messaging between you and your contacts. Both are therefore very useful and will be here for a very long time, until another app and or software comes out that is bigger and better and the role-a-coaster continues.

Gone are the days when communication over long distances where seen as near impossible. With the advent of technologies such as WhatsApp communication is just a breeze away, once you have the technology at hand and active internet connection in the case of WhatsApp.

COST: FREE ($0.99 after first year)
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