Walking Dead: The Game- Interactive game at your fingertip

Walking Dead: The Game- Interactive game at your fingertip

One day while searching in the AppStore for an app I stubble upon this game, Walking Dead: The Game, liking the name of it I quickly downloaded it thinking that it was a regularly zombie type of game, and boy wasn’t I surprise when I found out it wasn’t. I was awfully surprise when I downloaded Walking Dead only to greeted with a movie type of game. Thinking it was just an introduction to the game, you know those games that has a story line, I continue to both watch it and follow few instructions so to join in with the conversation. I later found out that Walking Dead is not your regular zombie type of game where the character in the game is being attack by zombies, no this is movie with a game module to it.

You start off with the main character, Lee, being driven in a police car, apparently a convicted killer. A conversation started with him and the driver, and then suddenly, the police car crash and overturn in a gully resulting in the death of the police man. It was while Lee was trying to assist the police man his journey into the undead started. Walking Dead is a game where the main character got a second chance after escaping a dead police man coming back to life, only that he wasn’t really alive but is now zombie, and that’s where the real action and life changing decisions kicks in.

So far, The Walking Dead: The Game, is one of the finer examples of interactive fiction I have ever seen, or is it a case where I haven’t played enough games? The game is filled with actionable decisions that can have far reaching consequences, not only far you but also for characters you interact with. For example, one wrong decision could end the life of another character which will come back to haunt you later on in the game. The game takes ever day individuals with life decisions, their own personalities etc. and put all of them in a life surviving situation that ever decision will either come back on haunt you, or allows you to progress through the game. You therefore have to seriously think about the choices you make.

When you first started playing, and even throughout the game, there will be times when it is very hard to figure out what to do or what is expected from you. Many times I ended up playing one scene over and over, even sometimes dying, until I figure out what I should do or to say. Players are given numerous opportunities to explore decision paths of their own choosing in terms of his opinions and interactions with others.

When playing it is very important to remember that speed is of the essence, both when dealing with zombies and when making a decision. As in any normal conversation, quick replies are required otherwise other characters might perceive Lee as in a bad manner, eg he is being rude, uncaring or otherwise, therefore speed is very important.

It is a game where characters remember what you did or said and treat you accordingly, it therefore pays to be nice and helpful. Not only does what you say have consequences but also your action or lack of. They are points in the game that you are required to search and find something, move from one location to another, search for clues or other things that will help you to progress throughout the game.

It is important to remember that The Walking Dead is a five-part episodic game series, so therefore if you like the first episode then why not go out and get the others. The first episode is title “A New Day”

In terms of controls, this game is very easy to play that even your little toddler would do fine playing. Slide your fingers to move Lee, tap to pick a dialogue option, and swipe when asked during action.

Telltale Games have really done a great job with this game. I really enjoyed playing, sometimes decisions where quick and easy while other times decisions had real consequences for Lee and other persons. Walking Dead is a must have if you want a real and interactive game. If you are looking for a game where people acts like every day normal people and where people faced with very tough decisions that might have great consequences later on then this is a game for you.

Cost: FREE for season 1 (there is for other episodes)