The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way

The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way

Telltale Gaming has created another awesome and incredible episode of The Walking Dead in this second season of Episode 3- In Harm’s Way.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead then you already know what to expect to some extent in any of The Walking Dead episode- dialogue choices mixed in with some zombie thrashing. There is enough tension during each encounters to get even the most critical player waiting eagerly for another episode of The Walking Dead. As you walk through this dark comic book world of another TellTale The Walking Dead Season 2- In Harm’s Way you can expect a lot of tough decisions that we are accustomed to in The Walking Dead series.

Similarly, The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way has some really great writing and pacing is excellent. In Harm’s Way focuses on character building in such a manner we have not seen in any of Telltale Games title yet, as this episode deals with relationships between the characters to a greater extent than any previous releases. As in previous episodes and even season 1 of The Walking Dead where the main treat was zombies, this is certainly not the case this post-apocalyptic world as fellow human being is the monster in this episode of The Walking Dead.

Even before you start playing The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way you can already get a feeling of what troubles Clementine and the gang faces as writer Pierre Shorette forces many of The Walking Dead’s characters to their physical and mental breaking points. It’s an episode in which their strengths are tested. The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3- In Harms Way kicks off with Clementine and her new band of survivors in their worst situation yet- Clementine and her new friends are imprisoned by Bill Carver, the maniac we saw in Episode 2: A House Divided.

Last episode- The Walking Dead Episode 2-A House Divided, the sinister Bill Carver caught and overpowered Clementine’s company and took them as his prisoner. “In Harm’s Way” resumes with the group bound and unarmed in the back of a truck on their way to Carver’s community.

As you might imagine tensions are running very high after being captured and imprisoned in a small community. Clem has to balance between dangerous rage and a desire for a peaceful resolution, all while searching for a way to escape the community, that is too much for a 11 year old to handle.

Escaping or resolving issues won’t be an easy task , however, as our villain Bill Carver will not let that happen. I am amaze at how Telltale has created this villain and even keeping the heat building in this Season 2 episode of The Walking Dead.

Players will quickly realize that of all the monsters Telltale Games has created so far, Bill Carver is the worst of them all- not even the undead (zombies) can be compare to how ruthless this monster is- and he is very much alive with emotions and feelings and is ready to spill blood. What’s even worst about this villain is that he sometimes forces players to choose between their urge to survive and their human compassion for others. Any decision Clem makes could can dire consequences on each character in the game- in deed the tension is very high.

In Telltale The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way there are some very painful moments as you see the antagonist’s interactions with the survivors and how our villain Bill Carver always found new ways of causing pain. Each scene makes you feel like your one of the character that is trap in this hellhole and you want to get out as quickly as possible.

As said before whereas in previous season and episodes zombies where the ones used to instill fear and hopeless, in Telltale The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way, Bill Carver is Telltale’s means of installing fear and distress in this episode of The Walking Dead. He has gotten from a man whose subtlety to someone who is very scary and unpredictable.

Clementine and company’s overnight escape plans put everyone at risk, and the way in which The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way builds to its devastating climax was enough to get me anxious and uncomfortable.

Carver is not your typical gang leader or villain. He runs his group with great authority and oversight that makes the worst booth-camp seems like child play. Every transgression is met with some form of punishment, lateness, poor performance and even smoking are punished with a beating. Everyone must go to bed at certain time and wake up for work at dawn. Carver’s world is survival of the fittest and pushes each character to the limit.

Inspite of how long The Walking Dead: Season 2 -Episode 3-In Harm’s Way is, there is never a dull moment so boredom is not an option- instead you will see and feel emotions flying, an see very good writing. Indeed, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way incredible storytelling and character development causes this episode to be one of the best episode so far in Telltale series of The Walking Dead.



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