Using Videos to Promote Your App- What are the benefits?

Using Videos to Promote Your App- What are the benefits?

Many app developers, especially indie developers, are wondering if it makes sense to use app trailers and or videos as a part of their marketing strategies. This may be because designing professional videos for your app could be very expensive and many persons do not know where to go to find professional persons to make their videos. The answer to that is yes and no.

Should I get a video to promote my app?

Yes. If you want your conversion rate to be very high then you definitely need to have a video created for your app or game. A video is an effective way of telling a story, of sharing your thoughts, or conveying your message. By making a video, your audience will be enticed to learn more about your app, and eventually be loyal users. There is a reason why Google bought YouTube, they realize that videos sell. Most persons prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it, videos will allow them to see the product, in this case your app, in action. Videos also builds awareness about your app, awareness leads to downloads, downloads leads to more money in your pocket.

No. If you do not want a high conversion of your app(s) then please do not build a video. Many big app developers created videos (sometimes more than one) about their app, after-all who doesn’t like to watch professional done and creative videos. If you do not want to make money off your app then go do not add videos to your marketing mix.

Using videos to Promote my app

Here are some ways you could you could use videos in your promotion of your app:

1. Have a creative and professional team create your app video
There are three types of videos you could create, an app trailer or a walkthrough about your video or an video introducing your app. Depending your needs and budget I would suggest to make all three, but if you are working on a limited budget then I would suggest you have an app trailer made about your app. Try to make the video as short, professional and to the point as possible without losing the essence of your app. You don’t want to lose your audience by showing a video that is very long, instead what you want to is to grab your viewers’ attention within 10 sec or less then encourage the viewer to download your app and where they could download your app. Ensure that the music complement the app. Everything, graphics, sound, music etc. must all blend together.

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2. Share your app video on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube
After you have created your app video don’t forget to share it on Social Media sites such a Facebook and Twitter. Almost every day I have friends sharing videos with me, the truth is that millions of videos are shared ever minute and your video could be one of them. Thousands of potential users are on Social Media every minute of the day and if your video is done right they will share it. This could result in high levels of downloads for your app.

Similarly, millions of people search in on YouTube for videos on various topics, if you tag your video right your app will be picked up in search result. Videos that are well done get more share on Social Media sites than written contents.

3. Add your app video to your Facebook page and website
If you have a Facebook and website about your app(s) don’t forget to add your video to both of them.

4. Add your video to app page
Adding Videos to Your App Page
Google PlayStore, and more recently IOS App Store, allows developers to add a video of their app on their app page. Your app video could be the deciding factor in a user either downloading or not downloading an app. These videos are also clearly visible on your app page

5. Paid Promotion
There are many ads company such as Applovin amongst others that allows developers to promote their app videos to literally millions of app users through their publishers (other app developers). Everyday millions of players watch short videos in order to earn free game currencies. Many of these users after watching a video about an app ended up downloading the app. If you have enough marketing money, paid promotion could result in your app receiving thousands of downloads daily, in time you therefore be able to make back the money spent on marketing of your app.

Video production can be an expensive venture, but it is one that will be worth it. I hope that you found this article on Using Videos to Promote Your App and it’s benefits. Have a tip you would like to share? Please let us know by posting on our Facebook or Twitter page or by contacting us through support. Please don’t forget to subscribe for weekly updates.

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