How users find app on the App Stores- More persons are finding apps through the app stores search than other methods

How users find app on the App Stores- More persons are finding apps through the app stores search than other methods

Everyday hundred of apps developers release their apps on Google Playstore or IOS App Store, and thousands more search for apps on one of these app stores. Between the Apple AppStore and Google Playstore It’s like a road rush to see who can dominate the app market. In fact, Apple announced recently that they have over 1.3 million apps in their App Store. This number has increased by 100,000 apps since their last announcement at the World Wide Developers Conference held in June.

Recently MobileDevHQ TUNE did a study on how users discover apps on the Google PlayStore and IOS App Store, in other words what is the most popular channels used by users to discover apps. According to MobileDevHQ TUNE study for both Android and IOS apps uses chose to use the App Store (Google Playstore and IOS App Store) to find apps to download with 68% finding their last app on the App Store over 32% who didn’t.

With the release of new apps daily and the reliance of apps to do just about any and everything it is no surprise that 95% of users have downloaded a new app within the last month, and 64% of users have downloaded an app within the last seven days. On iOS alone, Apple announced at WWDC 2014 that the App Store is seeing 300 million visitors weekly, and apps have been downloaded 75 billion times comparing to 40 billion app downloads reporter in January 2013.

Clearly persons are taking their search to the App Stores rather than relying on top charts as thought by some in media. Many would therefore be surprise that comparing to app search, a significantly smaller percentage of iPhone users downloaded the app from category Top Charts or Apple’s curated Featured section (10% and 9%, respectively). This therefore shows that the focus should not be solely on making it to Top Chart position or having your app feature but on focus should be on App Store Optimization (see article on AppStore Optimization here).

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However it is clear that app stores is are not the only app discovery method used by users in locating and downloading apps on each app store according to MobileDevHQ TUNE study as 11% read about the app they downloaded on the web, and 2% searched for it on the web. That is 13% of users finding apps through some form of websites like App Review Sites or some other forms like search engines.

The result is quit similar for Android users as Google Playstore search is the dominant channel for discovering apps, comparing to friends and family serving as the second most-cited source (53% and 12%, respectively). For Android users the web tend to serve a more important role than it is for IOS users (13%) with a combined 15% of users citing the web as where they found the app (12% reading about it on the web, 3% searching on the web). Top Charts and featured sections appear to still be important, although to a lesser degree than for iPhone respondents (9% and 6%, respectively).

Social media is not to left out of the mix as Facebook and Twitter ads or social shares contribute 1% or 2% of app downloads

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When I first started in the app business I was told by many professionals in the business that Apple dominates the app business as more persons are downloading iOS apps than they are downloading Android apps, I thought otherwise as there is clearly more devices using Android than Apple Iphone, iPad and iPod, and MobileDevHQ study proved I was right. Based on on their survey, Android (Google Play) holds 55% market share in the US while has a market share of 40%, that is 15% behind Android PlayStore.

It is very clear than regardless of the millions of apps on Android Google Playstore and the Apple IOS App Store, more and more persons are finding apps through the app stores search than other methods. This study therefore shows that if developers want their apps to be discovered and downloaded they MUST optimize their apps (AppStore Optimization) which includes paying attention to app keywords, App Icons, and App Description. Similarly, a lot of users discover apps through word of mouth from friends or through app review sites or through Social Media sites. This therefore means that you need to get your app out their through the use of PR sites and active social media promotion. You also need to build apps that persons will want to share with friends and family. A lot of apps I downloaded was because someone told me about them.
Although being rank in the App Store will drive significant traffic and download to your, more downloads are made through app search.

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