Users of Apple Pay gives their verdict on Apple’s latest mobile wallet system

Users of Apple Pay gives their verdict on Apple’s latest mobile wallet system

Apple’s latest innovative product, Apple Pay, was recently launched this month and IPhone 6 users are slowly adapting to it according to a Cnet poll.

Apple Pay is a mobile wallet that allows users of iPhone 6 to be able to make payments for goods and services using their mobile phones. This payment method is said to be more secure and easier to use and carry than cash and or bank cards; therefore Apple’s aim is to make Apple Pay the sole choice for all transactions both in the physical and virtual world of ecommerce.

However, Apple Pay was not met without any hesitation or its fair share of problems. Mainly, many retailers express fear of using Apple’s Pay.

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In similar news, a technology glitch, not caused by Apple Pay technology but that of the bank, caused many Bank of America customers being charged twice when they made purchases. This glitch was later fixed.

At the time of this writing, according to Cnet poll 33% of those polled said they used Apple Pay and like it, while 52% said they have not tried it as yet. However, 5% said “I tried it out, and don’t care for it.” And 1% said it will take some use to before Apple Pay is widely accepted.

Regardless of the above stats, Apple Pay is set to revolutionize the way we do business in the 21 century. We can only bet that many other companies will be coming on board with their very own mobile wallet system and soon bank cards and cash will be a think of the past. However, Time will tell if Apple Pay will become a major mobile-wallet player or if it will be relegated to more of a curiosity

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