The Ultimate Guide on Creating Videos To Promote Your App

The Ultimate Guide on Creating Videos To Promote Your App

Why use App Videos or Trailers to Promote my app?

One of the best way to drive downloads to your app is to use app trailers/videos. This is because videos allow persons to get a feel of what you are trying to sell using visuals. With videos you are able to affect or speak to the viewer emotion and grab his or her attention, then move that person to download your app. Videos are very powerful, that’s why Google bought YouTube.

Videos also builds awareness about your app, awareness leads to downloads, downloads leads to more money in your pocket. Videos that are well done get more share on Social Media sites than written contents.

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How to create professional app trailers

If you have an app and would like to create a professional app trailer that will hook the viewer and pushes him or her to download your app then keep reading

1. What is the Purpose of your app
App videos should tell your audience what the app is about or what it does. Videos should not only be about the visual, which should be very good, but it should also be about the message your are trying to send, this message should be: clear, incisive and practical — after the viewer finish watching the video he or she should have no doubts about what the app is about. Remember the viewer is not going to spend time trying to figure out what your app is all about, especially when there is other app videos that gives a much clearer picture of what their app does.

2. Why should I download and use your app?
Persons going to want to know what are the practical benefits of your app rather than endlessly listing off its features. Show your audience the possibilities of using your app or playing your game. People want to know how your game will entertain them or what benefit your app will give them, not so much about the features of your app or game.

3. The shorter, the better
One thing I hate is watching a video for long period of time especially when everything could have be said or done in a much shorter time. Don’t make a video for 45 sec when everything could have been said and done in 15secs. Make it short, professional and to the point as no one want to sit down and watch a video for a minute or more, unless your 1 min app video really hook the viewer from start to finish and if a video so long is needed.

The general rule is to make your video short as possible but at the same time make your audience want to know more about your app, this leads to them downloading your app.

4. Create an emotional “hook” at the beginning.
Most of us within the first 5 sec decide if we are going to continue to watch an app video or not. At the beginning of your app video give your audience a clear and compelling reason why they should stop what they are doing and watch your video or app trailer. For example, state clearly what problems customers or users are facing and how your app could help. For a game, the emotional hook can be something that elicits an emotion – fear, curiosity, laughter, or poignant moments. For example, the start of this promo video for Angry Birds Star Wars shows a cute, humorous interaction between the Angry Bird doppelgangers of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia – Luke twirls his light saber around in a display of skill, but Leia is obviously not impressed.

5. Tell a Story
People love a story. Before you start creating your video, take some time to plan out your video from start to finish. The last thing you need to show is a video that is haphazardly done. Your audience should get a clear sense of what your video is saying in a logical manner.
In your video you want to take your audience on a journey that leaves them ready to download your app. For example if you’re creating an app trailer or promotional video for a game create an emotional connection, tell the story, and have a strong call to action.

6. Make your App Video very simple
Simplicity is sometimes better, especially if you don’t have a large budget. Yes you might want to make a video that is very fancy but fancy videos with flashy graphics are not an option. You do not have to create fancy videos for your video to be effective. However, if you can make a video that is very fancy, but at the same time is not crowded, then why not go far it, just ensure it convey the right message and is very effective.
Also creating a fancy or simple app trailer is depended on your app and what it does, so keep this in mind. Games are more entertaining and have a much higher conversion rate when they are fancy.

7. Entertaining
You do not want to create a video that is very boring and light-hearted. Just go on YouTube or Facebook, the videos that get the most views and share or the ones that are most entertaining. However, do not dilute your message just because you want to entertain your audience. If your video is very entertaining it could go viral- resulting in more downloads of your app.

8. Make your app video personal
Add a personal field to your app by speaking directly to the audience. You want to talk to the viewer as if they were the only person watching your video. Shy away from using statistics unless you want to show that other persons are also using your app.

Remember, an app video is a very powerful tool that could drive thousands of users to your app page, or it could turn away thousands from your app if it is not done right. A good mobile app teaser trailer will energize your users to download your app and probably want to share it with others.

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