Twitter tracking apps on your device to improve user experience and benefit advertisers

Twitter tracking apps on your device to improve user experience and benefit advertisers

Social Media giant Twitter has stepped up their tracking of users activities by tracking the apps installed on its users’ mobile devices- through the use of app graph.

Why is Twitter tracking your apps?
The company said the reason behind this move of using app data is to “build a more tailored experience for you on Twitter.” This improvement includes improving your “who to follow” recommendations by connecting you with those who have similar interests; showing your relevant promoted content; and adding content to your timeline like tweets and accounts that Twitter thinks you’ll find interesting.

Twitter tracking apps on your device to improve Twitter user experience and benefit advertisers

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Moreover, this improvement (Twitter tracking) will allow Twitter to have a better understanding of who a user is, and thus be better able to customize here timeline with relevant content.

The aim of this move is to bring back users to twitter who have ‘fallen asleep’. Over the years a lot of twitter followers have gotten disinterested in the site and thus Twitter struggles to convert it’s numerous passive user base into active users.

Not only will this affect user experience but this move will make advertisers happy as twitter will now be able to better serve targeted ads. The app graph will allow advertises to reach specific targeted users based on what users like, apps they have install on their device and which games they like to play by improving the interest-based ad targeting capabilities.

Twitter tracking and Privacy

In regards to violation of user privacy, Twitter said that they will only be collecting data on the list of apps installed and not any data within the apps. Users will however be able to opt-out anytime by adjusting their settings. To disable app tracking, open the Me tab in the Twitter app, tap the gear icon, tap Settings, select the account you’d like to adjust, and turn off the “Tailor Twitter based on my apps” option.

I must hasten to add however, that Twitter not be able track users apps if they have Limit Ad Tracking option in the Privacy section of the Settings app on their iOS device turned on.

Twitter is a Social Media company that allows users to broadcast 140-character messages to their followers. Many companies and website of varying size and function including individuals from different background and for varying purposes uses Twitter to broadcast messages to their followers on a regular bases. The company has been searching for news ways to re-invigorate user engagement and drive growth as many users have gone inactive. Twitter is therefore employing various mechanisms and considering creating additional mobile applications beyond its core messaging service as part of this effort, Twitter tracking your apps is just one of these methods.

How will users respond to Twitter tracking their apps in the future? TopAppsReviews will keep abreast of any updates and will let you know. Please share your thoughts and this move.