Top 10 Travel Apps for IOS devices

Top 10 Travel Apps for IOS devices

Looking for some of the best Travel Apps for your iPhone or iPad device? For some of us who travels, finding the right app designed for travelers can be very difficult to find in the sea of thousands of promising traveling apps. That is why we have decided to put together this list of Top 10 traveling apps for your iPhone or iPad device particularly useful when traveling.

Please note that this list is not listed in order of importance.

Here are our list of Top 10 Travel Apps for IOS devices . Some of these Travel Apps will cost you a little money but they will worth the money, while some or free. An app being free doesn’t mean that it will not be very handy.

1. WindowSeat
WindowSeat − Flight Tracker / Timer
Many travelers enjoy the ability to track their flight’s progress during flight. One problem with this is that while many airliners are adding in-flight WiFi, the majority of airliners remain without connectivity while in the air. Thanks to an app called WindowSeat, travelors will be able to track their flights in-flight without needing GPS or a persistent network connection. The traveler programs in their flight while on the ground, and WindowSeat downloads flight data from the internet. Then when the flight takes off, WindowSeat provides real-time data as to where the plane is based on time and the pilot’s pre-planned flight path. The app features mapping of the plane’s course, as well as detailed information about landmarks and sights the plane flies over.

Travel Apps

Cost: $4.99

2. SayHi Translate
SayHi Translate app
Have you ever been to a country where you don’t speak the native language and wished you could communicate with the locals? Well now you can with SayHi Translate for iOS. With over 100 languages supported, SayHi will not only listen in for the languages, but then translate them to English (or whichever language you specify). The only problem we found with this app is that it requires an active internet connection, so make sure when traveling there is an active internet connection via cellular or WiFi data. Additionally the app allows for manual keyed text entry if you want to translate a sign or text. Cost is $4.99. Might be a little high for some, but believe me its well worth the price.

Best traveling apps

Cost: strong>Cost: $4.99

3. Xe Currency
XE Currency traveling app
It is a known fact that the currency rate changes daily. Always keeping abreast of the current rate can be a challenge in itself, to add to that remembering the formula to convert exchange rate. has developed a free, easy to use mobile app to solve this problem. The simple, intuitive interface allows you to add numerous currencies, and select a base currency for easy conversion. Therefore if we ever visit a country and want to know how much an item would cost you in US dollars, simply input the currencies and it will download the latest exchange rates and display the value in US Dollars, or whichever currency you chose. Xe Currency is available for free in the App Store.

Best Traveling Apps

Cost: Free

4. Kayak Mobile
KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Finding the right hotel and travel deals can be a hassle. Most times because of how time consuming it can be to find the right rate for hotels and airfares, most persons tend to give up after few hours and just goes along with whatever rate they seems to be best. We have found Kayak Mobile to be a great app for travelers as it searches not only bargain travel websites, but actual sites of many popular airlines and hotel companies, typically producing the lowest cost rates among travel sites. Users are very happy with this app and we know you will also.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

The app is available for free in the App Store.

5. GateGuru
Imagine being at the airport having few minutes before boarding the flight but before you can board the flight you need to purchase something at the airport. Where do you find what you need in time to board the flight? With GateGuru you can use your smartphone to save yourself the plight of most travelers. GateGuru gives you user-submitted reviews that will help you decide the best places to go, tips enable you to spot a deal on that day-old pretzel, and airport maps and checkpoint will save you much needed time and help you navigate an unfamiliar airport . Now there is no excuse for getting lost at airports around the world.

Cost: Free

6. Gogobot
gateguru travel app
Travel to a new place and need to know the best places to go an Eat, Play or Stay wherever you are? Gogobot should be your best friend that you carry with your wherever you go as it gives recommendation for just about anything for any type of traveler across a wide range of cities around the world. It has suggestions for family friendly activities, outdoor activities, places to go for shopping or just to grab a bite or sites to see. Save these activities to a Gogobot itinerary, and when you pull them up while traveling, you can search for nearby too, such as points of interest, restaurants, and hotels, helping you locate your next stopping point if need to make an unexpected change of plan.

gateguru ios app

Cost: Free

7. Tripomatic
Tripomatic Trip Planner and Sightseeing Travel Guide with Offline Maps

Before you make that next, make a plan with Tripomatic of what you want to see or where you want to visit, and on which days. Tripomatic has more than 40,000 attractions listed in 300 destinations. The app even syncs with the website giving you two choices, website or app. Many top destinations are available offline—maps, photos, and visitors guides (in-app purchase required). One holdback: You can’t save your mapped daily itineraries offline, making it less than ideal when you’re actually on the road. If you do use Tripomatic, pair it with an offline map app.
Tripomatic Trip Planner and Sightseeing Travel Guide with Offline Maps

Cost: Free

8. Viator
Viator Tours & Activities
Looking to save some money but still do some interesting site-seeing? Who doesn’t? With Viator you can find the best deals and discounts either nearby or in the place you’re going to visit next—provided that location is in Viator’s list of potential cities, regions, and countries. It’s great for ideas of what to see and do, especially when you’re feeling clueless, although the quantity and quality of the deals varies dramatically by place.

 Viator Tours & Activities app

Cost: Free

9. Packing Pro
Packing Pro travel app
Never forget anything again on your next trip. With Packing Pro you will remember what to pack and can also serve as evidence of what you packed if your luggage were ever lost. You work from one of many sample lists of items to pack, or you can create your own and tick off items as they go into your luggage. It has a handful of other reminders, too, like booking reservations and watering the plants before you leave home, which you can save into checklists to guide your harried soul while you’re running around your apartment like a chicken with its head cut off worried that you’ll miss your flight if you dally a moment longer. The $3 app may seem like overkill to those who have packing down to a science already, but it can be an excellent tool for parents who are packing for multiple family members before leaving on vacation.

Best travel apps

Cost: 2.99

10. TripIt
Best traveling app
Have all your travel information from your email in one place so that you won’t miss or forget anything while planning your next trip. TripIt is a mobile app that connects to your email accounts to compile all your travel information for you automatically. It searches our confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, rental car reservations, and even restaurant bookings. If you worry about not having all your details in one place, TripIt is a wonderful organizer to have on your side.

TripIt - Travel Organizer

Cost: Free (or $0.99 without ads)

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