The Best Apps for Shopping on your Iphone and Ipad

The Best Apps for Shopping on your Iphone and Ipad

Due to the advent of technology and in extension the development of smartphones, we are now able to do our shopping on our smartphones/mobile phones without even leaving our bedroom and have it deliver to us.
Here are 7 shopping apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. EBay
Ebay is simple one of, the biggest ecommerce or shopping portal on the internet. With ebay you are able to either bid on products or buy them immediately using your paypal account. The mobile app is fully-featured, including filters in search results for price, buying format, model, and brand. Want to sell something? Selling from your phone is pretty easy too, with barcode scanning to identify your product, and integration with the native gallery to upload pictures.

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2. Amazon
Don’t want to shop with Ebay? Don’t fair there is Amazon. Amazon is the biggest of the big online retailers. With their mobile app, you can browse their exhaustively massive catalog of stuff, including apps. It has all of the same filters and sorting options as the eBay app, like price range, brand, and category. You can add items to your wishlist, share them out to your various channels, and check out high-quality imagery.
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3. Groupon
Groupon is simple the biggest deal site on the internet boasting literally thousands of deals on a daily basis. Why spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in shopping when you can get it greatly discounted? Some deals or even discounted up to 90% off. Groupon uses group purchasing to help users get a price break on everything from dental visits to even iPhone and gadgets. The app also includes a good number of restaurant deals. It’s only available in 70 cities
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4. GoodGuide
GoodGuide, with more than 65,000 products, is geared towards helping you identify products that are good for you and the environment and each one is scored on environmental, health, and social criteria. The barcode scanner makes it easy to look up product ratings. The GoodGuide app is particularly useful for food shopping, since it helps you identify healthier choices.
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5. RetailMeNot
How about some coupons code to help you save some money on your every day shopping? RetailMeNot.s is one of the biggest coupons site there is with literally millions of coupons to chose from. You can set notifications to pop up based on nearby malls, which is particularly important for those time-sensitive coupons, and mark certain stores as favorites for quick reference later. Claiming coupons is easy enough with the embedded browser.
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6. ShopSavvy
ShopSavvy is the perfect app for figuring out whether or not a sale is actually a good deal. With a quick scan of the barcode using your device’s camera, you can find out if there are better prices for the same thing online or at other stores in your neighborhood. Even if you can’t be bothered to make the purchase through any alternatives, ShopSavvy can be a helpful tool when getting stores to price match. You can also see any historical pricing data they may have on file, so you can get a sense of how much more (or less) you might pay later. There are also a ton of social elements built in, including optional Facebook integration, and a commenting system where you can leave tips on goods for other ShopSavvy users, add new friends, and share wishlists.
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7. RedLaser
RedLaser is one of the most popular iPhone shopping apps in the App Store. Its barcode scanner works incredibly well, and it seems less vulnerable to shaky hand movements than other barcode scanners. The search results are well organized and it’s easy to compare prices. Another plus is that you’ll see both local and online prices
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