Stuntman Eddie review- Become a daredevil stuntman

Stuntman Eddie review- Become a daredevil stuntman

Review was done using an IOS device

Do you love bike games? How about stunt bike games? If you do then you will love Stuntman Eddie. Go Games has release another great and enjoyable game that is already getting a lot of love from users as they tries to learn and perform some impressive stunts as you progress including the Superman, Coffin, Tsunami, Whirlwind.

For new players it might take few minutes as it did with me to really get the handle of playing the game and the game control on how to start playing, but once you do it’s sweet sailing after this. You play as Eddie, a crazy stunt man who is eager just to eager to please his audience, and thus seems like he will undertake any stunts no matter how dangerous so that he can mesmerize the crowd and compete each task given. The excitement starts. When you start the game it takes a very long time before starting up, this I find very frustrating and I hope the developers deal with this issue very fast.As you play you are greeted with game tips to you awe the crowd.

Rev up the bike using a handle bar style controller. You can’t release your bike in zoomed out mode, and that’s where the hope comes in as you cant get an overview of the ramp and rev up at the same time.

There is powerups too that you can use to help you advance in the game but they are lock and can only be unlock when you advance in the game, including the Rocket, Parachute, Slow-Mo and more.
As you play you can complete over 75 missions to earn rewards and upgrade your bike Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight). If your tired of using the same bikes to play throughout the game (which I hope your not thinking of doing), then you can purchase new bikes, which will not cost you an arm or leg like Angry Birds Go (see review here).

Stuntman Eddie have 3 game levels or modes Daredevils like you can play and test your skills. First there is the Career mode which is a highly addictive 3 Star level based mode with lots of levels to entertain even the hard to please game players. In Stuntmania or Social Stadium, which I love, you have the chance to customize or design your own stunts. This i know might excite a lot of you. This mode is set in a stadium like settings where you have to complete various levels of stunts or jumps with a commentator commenting on the game. The game mimics a real world stunt racing scenario so you can stay at home and do what you couldn’t normally do, do some crazy jumps. In this mode you are able to determine or set your jump base on obstacles you will have to jump through or over by setting a meter. There is also Daily Challenge where each day you have the opportunity to earn bonus rewards, this I think is a sweet deal as who doesn’t like a little bonus now and again? How about showing off your stunts skills to your friends? After-all you are the best stunt man there is. In Tour mode you compete with friends over 5 consecutive jumps in an effort to beat their scores and take their trophies!

Hopefully Go Games will be adding more features, stunts and game modes soon to make the game even more entertaining.
So how about the game graphics? The game graphics could be better but I am not complaining. A lot of work needs to be done with game loading time as it is now it’s a big let down and one that I find very frustrating, especially when I come out of the game for a short period of time I am force to endure another long wait, as if the wait at the start wasn’t enough. During my time reviewing this app I got frustrating a lot of times and sometimes just decided not to continue playing. Just the thought of opening the game and waiting a long time to start playing turns me off completely. This needs to work on, and very quickly.

If you like this review or I miss something I would love to hear from you. Constructive criticism please. Go out and try the game, you might or might not like it.