Ski and skateboard sports fans don’t leave home without Snowbuddy for IOS and Android

Ski and skateboard sports fans don’t leave home without Snowbuddy for IOS and Android

If you go skating or skiing often then you will some of the perils many persons in sports such as Ski/skating on the snow faces as there is not many reliable, accurate apps that allows you to see how well you are performing while adding value to your skating actives while at the same time challenging your friends in nearby resorts or even near you to see who is the king of the mountains.

To combat this Snowbuddy was created. Snowbuddy was developed by We Make Awesome Sh with the help of SkiFix and few ski and snowboard instructors, you know you therefore have an app that created, tweaked and tested by persons who know about being on the skateboard.

Meet Cristof your Snowbuddy pal who is there to guide and help you enjoy your self on the mountains. Similar to most ski/snowboard apps, Cristof helps you to track your stats such as speed, distance and calories as well as allowing you to compete with your friends, those around you and those in other resorts, in a range of fun challenges.

What sets this app apart from other apps I have seen is that your ski and snowboard app Snowbuddy gives you access to worldwide piste maps which plot your tracks, see where your friends are on the map and yodel at them to let them know where you are.

Watch Snowbuddy Demo Video

snowbuddy - your best buddy on the mountains from We Make Awesome Sh on Vimeo.

What is a sports app without a little fun challenges with your friends and others? Snowbuddy also allows you to participate in challenges from piste and tricks, to LOLs, – Lifts, fashion and penalties. None of the challenges are challenging enough for you? Snowbuddy has you cover as you are able to add your own challenges for you and your real life snowbuddies.

Get life stats on the weather condition so as to prevent in misfortune.

What more could one want while skiing or skateboarding? Except a little music of course:-) Snowbuddy can be downloaded now on Google Playstore, IOS App Store and is free for very limited time so don’t hesitate to click the links below to download. And please share your experience using Snowbuddy with us by leaving a comment below and on our social media page.

Cost: Free for a limited time