Robocop app review- beware tugs because Robocop is out to get you

Robocop app review- beware tugs because Robocop is out to get you

One day while searching the android Playstore for a game that I could play for hours; not one of those games that you play once then forget about it, I found RoboCop. Imagine how excited I was when I saw RoboCop. Probably I was more excited and drawn to the game not because I heard about it but because I remember watching the movie series when I was a child. So what do I think about this game? Did it disappoint? Continue reading to learn how I felt about playing this game.

As you might know, RoboCop is an old franchise that has once again taken center-stage in Hollywood and Glu Mobile has decided that they need to take advantage of this development. RoboCop for who don’t know is basically about a policeman who dies in the line of duty and was given then given a second chance to ‘live’ again but as the underworld worst nightmare: RoboCop!

RoboCop is a simple shooter game that is simple to play with not much to learn. You play as the eponymous robot man who is being push to the limit in a simulator where his mission is to kill lots of thugs with specific guns asked for in order to complete each mission. RoboCop is doing simulator training for the OCP with Jae Kim being the tech person and Mattox seems to be the big supervisor. Both have divided opinions on whether or not you (RoboCop) is up to the task of shooting things with Mattox always wanting to push RoboCop to the limit- seems he hate RoboCop and want him to get lost as he feels robots, like RoboCop, should not be doing police work. Kim on the other hand is the one who always have faith in RoboCop abilities.

You can choose which cover to hide behind, and sometimes you need to move to another waist-high wall or burning car because snipers are out to end your life with just one or two shots. Controlling RoboCop is very simple, to shoot all you to do is aim, swipe about on the left side of the screen, then hold the right side to fire. Each time you shoot a tug their health bars drop.

In each simulation the enemies and stage settings tend to be repeated over time, only that the tugs are more dangerous than before. Some levels are much easier than others even when you progress far in the game and some enemies are easier to kill than others, especially the robots. Sometimes to kind of spice things up a little I would shoot up barrels, explosives, walls, vehicles and other things just to add a little more excitement. You are not able to shoot and move at the same time which I think is a big downfall to the gameplay, and your only able to use weapons in the tier you are in (there are 5 tiers and each tier has its own sets of weapons to choose from). This I don’t like as sometimes I spent lots of money upgrading my weapon and then not able to use it in the next tier, which sometimes is more powerful than the ones I am asked to choose from in the next tier and sometimes shoot much better. I wish I could buy any weapon I chose whenever I want from any tier. You’re also not able to change weapons while in gameplay/simulation mode.

Duck and cover in RoboCop. See review on TopAppsreviews

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However, you are able to upgrade your new weapons and armor along a tech tree comprising many Nodes. There are also Breakthrough Nodes, which it’s possible to fail at unlocking after you’ve spent the virtual cash, which seems unfair. Upgrades are a must, but at the same time don’t have much impact at times in gameplay, but it you don’t your restricted from moving to another OCP level or tier and from certain game modes or events. Some modes require certain weapons so if you don’t have it you will have to buy it using virtual currency, which sometimes you won’t want to do as sometimes can only be use once or few times.


As said before, for each mode or tier you play you are greeted with the same enemies. Some levels you are fighting robots and others human beings look-a-like, sometimes you have snipers to deal with while in others you don’t. In order you for you to pass each OCP tier you will have to beat a boss, sometimes it is two snipers, two brothers, a robot or otherwise. Each OCP game mode has 5 levels, and each tier has various game modes that earn you virtual currency which you will need if you’re going to pass each OCP level.

Some enemies are very easy to kill, especially when they go behind a barricade or cover you previously destroyed, making them an easy target. Some takes a lot of fire power to kill. In some missions you will have only robots to deal with, in others just humans while in some there is a mixture of robots and humans.

At times you will have to watch out for enemies that throw bombs at you, these are the most dangerous of all as each bomb that hits you will take away a large portion of your life, plus they are much harder to kill. Sometimes you are not able to aim at a certain spot in a level if you’ve barricaded yourself on one side of the screen and will thus have to switch to another area, which sometimes has been destroyed by bombs are enemy intense fire.
It comes down to timing your enemies and taking your choices when given. Sometimes you will be pinned down by enemies in large numbers at once as they assault you with more powerful weapons than yours as you progress.

Controls and weapons

RoboCop Weapons

There is not much to do or to control in this cover shooter RoboCop game by Glu Mobile as the game is basically swiping from one cover to another to duck from enemy fire and springing out at the right moment to return fire. Therefore the only thing you have to do is duck or move away from enemy fire, move from one side to another, and fire at enemy. You are not able to run around and explore each level or seek and find enemies (which would add some juice to the game, after-all isn’t that what cops do and RoboCop himself in the movie? You can only run when you are moving from one area to another in some levels and this is done automatically for you).

Controlling RoboCop is ever hardly an issue though at times the game fails to responds at some very critical times resulting in RoboCop death.

Other than when I really enjoyed playing some levels, weapons is the only thing I really enjoyed about this game as some of them really make killing the bad guys and destroying barricades, and other things have an awesome feeling. Alongside this you are able to initiate the aid of drones, as well as the option to ‘scan’ enemies with body heat vision to find their weak spots and locations. Scanning is most helpful when trying to kill the boss and there are times when you can automatically kill enemies by tapping a button and then tapping on the enemy or enemies. This option should be used sparingly as there is a refresh period after each use so I would recommend when playing the boss level to wait and use it only on the boss(s).

robocop scanning enemies

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Graphics for Robocop doesn’t disappoint as there is good attention to details and the different levels are well design, giving the feeling of being in a real world scenario or atmosphere. Character models move fluidly and smoothly as they run, stumble, shoot, and get knocked over. Robocop is well design and looks great in his suit with a good likeness to the movie character. Even the enemies or tugs look somewhat real. I recently watch the movie and was really amazed at how the game and the movie look similar in terms of graphics.

Some critics of the game for example has reported that on some small devices there may be a bit of lag or shattering due to graphics but was still playable. I didn’t experience this as I played the game on an Asus Transformer TF 301 Android device.

Find enemies wherever they are hiding in robocop

My biggest annoyance of the game is the somewhat repetitive gameplay where you play the same scenario, enemies and in the same environment over and over. Variety is always important and this game lacks this.

Overall Robocop is well put together with awesome graphics and is a bit entertaining. The game is a bit pulling as it keeps me coming each day to play as i wanted to complete the different levels and tiers, however RoboCop is not the game, in my opinion, that you will want to play levels over and over again (if you could) because you really enjoyed this game. Controls is pretty basics that even a little child could play the game and has nice visuals, but with a little more improvement to gameplay RoboCop could make for a very good game that persons will want to talk about years to come, but for now it needs some improvements.

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Summary: RoboCop is a well-built shooter game that one will want to play when they want to kill some time. The feature will be a problem for many though and could be a big turn off.
Gameplay - 7
Game/App Feature - 8.5
Graphics / Sound Rating - 9

User Rating: 0.0 (0 votes).

Robocop app review- beware tugs because Robocop is out to get you TopAppsReviews Team RoboCop is a well-built shooter game that one will want to play when they want to kill some time. The feature will be a problem for many though and could be a big turn off.

One day while searching the android Playstore for a game that I could play for hours; not one of those games that you play once then forget about it, ...