Monsters behave review- A funny, educational and entertaining game for kids

Monsters behave review- A funny, educational and entertaining game for kids

We have seen a lot of educational games on the market for kids but we have never seen any that is very creative, fun engaging and imaginative app like Monsters behave.

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Monsters behave is a fun educational kids apps that takes your kids into a world of monsters, funny rhymes and entertainment. Help Mother Monster to keep her monster kids under control as they are bent on misbehaving as they sit at the kitchen table. The animation is very amusing and touching the monsters will trigger a responds, this can be done several times.

I simple love what this game is trying to accomplish. One of the problems most parents face is misbehaving children. With Monsters behave it’s up to the child to play word games with the little monsters to get them to behave. As the monsters misbehave the game presents some verses that your child will have to interact with in order to get the correct rhymes to every verse. By actively being involved your child will be able to recognize the similarity between the monsters behavior and that of theirs, by teaching the monsters proper etiquette to progress the game, they’re also being taught themselves how behave, while being entertain and learning at the same time. This is a very creative move by German developer Linguino.

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They are three options for kids to play around with: a rhyming game, a word puzzle game or a mini-game. The rhyming game is very fun and creative, with word puzzle, Kids are able to solve puzzle game where they need to fill in the blanks with the words to choose from scatter all over the screen and can simply be dragged to the blanks. I really love the mini-games as kids are able to do some silly things with the monsters for rewards are just a bit of silly fun that the kids can play as a reward. The more they scream, smack and pick their nose, the higher the highscore.

I believe that every parent should download Monsters behave for their kids to play. It is fun, entertaining and educational, plus it will teach your kids a thing or two on how to behave.

Cost: 1.99
Available on IPad

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