Mobile Advertising Is Rapidly increasing as Mobile Phones increases

Mobile Advertising Is Rapidly increasing as Mobile Phones increases

As mobile phones increase in today’s high tech society, so does mobile advertising as companies takes advantage of the increase in smartphones and apps. Apps are basically features, functions, or programs that can be downloaded on smartphones to add added features or functions useful for users, e.g. educational tools, productive tools and games amongst others.

According to a report by Business Insider, mobile advertising “is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats in the US, as advertisers begin allocating dollars to catch the eyes of a growing class of “mobile-first” users.” Although historically the gap is very large between time spent on smartphones and tablets by smartphones users, and the amount of money spent on advertising is currently very low, this trend is expected to change in the near future “as enthusiasm grows for mobile-optimized ad formats (such as interactive rich media and native ads), as targeting improves, and more and more advertisers learn how to effectively use the platform.”

Data from Business Insider, shows that by 2018 US mobile ad spend will top $42 billion, a 43% growth from 2013. The most important mobile ad formats, includes display, video, social, and search.

Other Takeaways from the report

Display and video ads format will grow at an alarming rate of 96% and 73% respectively, between 2013 and 2018
In-app advertisement perform much better than mobile web ads, 0.56% compare to 0.23%

In a similar report by Mobile Marketing Association on Mobile Advertising Trends for 2014,
Mobile Advertisement has jumped by 105% in 2013, and will continue to climb by 75% this year for a total of $31.5 billion.

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