Managing Your Saved Passwords in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome allows persons to save their passwords for different sites at their convenience, therefore saving you time as your save a username and password can automatically added in your sign-in fields the next time you visit these websites. Although this might be a great option, I must emphasize the importance of being very careful with this as it is not advice for you to use this feature for your bank, or shopping site like Amazon, even for your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter as in the eventuality of your device being stolen or lost, the new owner will have easy access to these sites.

Here is how you can manage your passwords the Chrome browser on Android device:

1. Launch your Chrome browser
2. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. This is located at the top right of the window to expand the menu.
3. From the menu select Settings.

4. After you click on Settings option, scroll down to the bottom, and click Show advanced settings…

5. Under the “Passwords and forms” section check the “Offer to save your web passwords” checkbox if you want Google Chrome to prompt you to save your password every time you sign in to a new website. To manage your passwords click Manage saved passwords.
6. A new window will then pop up on screen which shows you the list of websites that currently have passwords stored. Find the website and the password that you want to erase, and click the X button to process.
7. Once you have finished editing, just click OK, and close the window.

Chrome also allows you to see each passwords you have stored for each website just in case you have forgotten the passwords you used for a particular account. To do this just click on the password field, and choose Show.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful. If you are using an IOS device CLICK HERE to learn how you can manage your passwords in Chrome. Please subscribe to our blog and please leave a comment.