Local SIM review- A travelors must have

Local SIM review- A travelors must have

They are some tools or things that every traveler need to carry on their trips whether you are a business man or a tourist, we all need some necessary items. What we need to carry is depended on who you are and why you are visiting a particular country but one thing that most, travelors will agree on that they need with them on their trip to another country is access to internet access, this for some is very vital to them. However, many will agree that for most countries their roaming plans can be very expensive and sometimes because of how vital access is to the local network is they sometimes ended up wasting a lot of money then later finding out they actually didn’t have to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an appthat can be useful for every traveler? An app that helps to find on the map of selected country nearest store where you can connect to the local network carrier (provider) and stay connected to the internet instead of wasting money on roaming plans?

Well your in luck as a small app development company Mustache Games as answer the call and have created this awesome app name Local Sim, and rightly so as this app covers 27 countries and more than 50providers around the whole Europe!I heard personally from the developer that they are working very hard to cover the restcountries around the globe and not only that but they will provide the information about the best voice/data rates andplans for even greater savings.

While travelling, we often use wifi in hotel, cafe, or somewhere else, butif you want to stay connected all the time, if you need to check the busdeparture time, if you need to build route, use navigator in car or make acall – you have to use 3g/LTE connection. The cheapest way- is to use localproviders data plans, so the only one problem is to get know whichproviders are available and where you can get connected to.

Local SIM – is an iOS application that can be useful for every traveler.Before making a trip, or if you are already traveling, you can find on themap nearest store where you can connect to the local network carrier(provider) and get the local sim card. All this can be made in 3 steps:
1 — select the country you plan to visit
2 — select the preferred provider
3 — That’s all! Find on map nearest store. You can also use navigationbutton to automatically detect your location. The application will be useful for those who do not want to pay forroaming, and for the provider companies.

One of the many thing I like about this app other than the idea or what it is trying to accomplish is that when you search the stores while you are connected to internet, theapplication will save it all in cache, so later you can review it againwithout any connection to internet.

This is definitely on a app that everyone who is traveling or planning to travel abroad will find very useful. I myself is planning to use Local Sim, when I actually start traveling that is. It is not a free app so it will cost you $0.99 but it more than worth it. After all there is no ads to worry about and the developers have to recover money spent building this awesome we all can now enjoy. If you are planning to travel overseas and need internet connection, Local SIM will definately take the hassle out of your search for cheap local internet connection.