Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review- The game that has gone viral

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review- The game that has gone viral

Literally millions of people around the world aspire to be like Kim Kardashian, the famous celebrity who is married to Kanye West. If you are one of the millions of ladies who want to be like the Kardashians or just a fan of Kim well now you can be a part of Kim Kardashian family with game created by Glu Mobile.

Join the clamor in Hollywood on the red carpet like only a celebrity can. With Kim Kardashian: Hollywood you create your very own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame. Welcome to the Kardashian world where you can earn virtual cash, energy, and special Kardashian branded K stars that are used to “charm” people, to help you rise from E-lister to A-lister (just like Kim!).

The first thing you do when you open the game is to design your very own celebrity from hundreds of fashion options to customize your hair, eye, skin tones, hairstyle, and a selection of few outfits to make females look glamorous, and males look, well as best as can be.
Then, the user meets Kim who needs an outfit for a meeting with “THE Garret St. Clair,” a photographer in the fake world of Kim Kardashian. (Clarification: the game, not her real fake life.)

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is a classic role-playing game where you play as an up and coming Hollywood celebrity determined to climb the ranks up to “A-List” status. To get there, you must pass through lower levels of stardom on the E, D, C, and B-Lists. Moving through these levels requires completing tasks like posing for magazines, going on dates, and going shopping with Kim Kardashian herself.

This game can be a little dull and boring where you basically hit a few buttons to get on with few communications and whatever you are supposed to do. It let me wonder if it wasn’t a game about Kim Kardashian if it would have been so popular. The game is not very challenging and is therefore boring. It lacks that entertaining factor I had expected from a Kim Kardashian game, or was I expecting too much? This game is just not my type of game, but I can see why many persons would want to play it as it’s a game about the infamous Kim Kardashian and the whole glamour of Hollywood and fame which have bewitched countless millions.

Gameplay is very simple as you’re expected to do what you’re told and click on the pointers representing actions for which you are paid cash. The game tells you what to do, where to go and how to become famous, all while throwing money, stars and tokens your way. Your path to stardom is already laid out for you so there is nothing really fun or exciting to do, just following instruction and earning a lot of cash.

The game is also too materialistic and makes one believe life is only about material gains and becoming famous, this therefore is big down-point for me personally, notice I said for me PERSONALLY. It’s like Kim telling you that all you need to do in life is to become a celebrity and have money thrown at you for just being famous.

In this game in order to get notice you have to rise to the popularity status and not to mention dressing properly. There is a lot of partying, alcohol consumption, some cleavage, and the opportunity to pose in the nude. There is the occasional fight with an Willow Pape who is your archnemesis and not to leave out a lot of flirting. Those who want to progress quickly or build a sizable wardrobe will be highly tempted to spend cash to move things along, as many have done only to later regretting their choices.


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