Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Tips & Tricks

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Tips & Tricks

Hey Kardashian: Hollywood game fans, are you addictive to this game and want to master the game? How about some tips, tricks and strategies to get you to the A-list in Kardashian: Hollywood? Then has you covered. If you want to know what we think about Kardashian: Hollywood please read our review on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review- The game that has gone viral

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Tips and Tricks

1. Change your outfit often

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review Tips and Tricks

There are tons of shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, outfits, shoes and accessories for you to choose from in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game wardrobe. You can change your outfit as often as you chose, which will no doubt get you notice and you’ll accrue points more often. Just please remember you are a star, and stars don’t wear the same outfit often. Buying clothes will also increase your networking power or your dating power.

2. Take store jobs in order to earn some fast cash.

Tips and Tricks for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game

Store jobs will pay more than the assignments do, so take a store shift if you need some cash. Accept other jobs only only if you have a full energy bar, but if you’re accepting a longer shift this is more flexible. The more stars you earn, the more cash you’ll earn as a bonus for completing it.

3. 1. Getting free energy
The best way to earn free energy is by completing new task. You can also look through your quest and achievements since most of them will let you earn free energy points as a reward for completion. Acquiring experience level will also get more energy and each level you complete will give you instant energy replenish. Leveling up will also raise your maximum energy by 1.

4. Get five stars on all of the assignments that you go on.
Whenever you do jobs like: Modeling, shooting a video, shooting a movie or a TV show or even a commercial, or making appearances at parties, try to get five stars on everything. Whenever completing task try to complete as many actions as you can before the timer is up, the more stars is the more fans you’ll end up earning.

5. Look around the scenery in the game for free energy, cash, and experience.
They are free energy, cash and experience just lying around waiting for you to collect them, and they are all free. Tap on anything that appears to be in the “foreground”. This uncludes stuff like mailboxes, suitcases at LAX, birds that are perched on walls, bicycles, motorcycles and signs. Many of them will earn you bonuses once every five minutes or so, often including energy, so flying from place to place to tap everything will often recover most of your energy bar when you are empty.

6. Add contacts
Each person you meet, add them to your contact. Networking with them will allow you to get their number and them call them for future projects. Contacts will give you a fan bonus so the more contact in your list, the more fan bonus you can potentially earn.

7. Take advantage with your charm
As you are talking to other character, there are some time where you will see the dialog feature of “use charm” here you can take it as a guarantee for the best possible outcome of that situation. This charm feature will cost you 1 K Coin so use them wisely.

8. Know how many fans you need to work your way up the various lists.
The E-list is where you begin, and to work your way up the D-list, you will need to pass 5,000 fans. To make it to the C-list, you will need to make it to 50,000 fans. The B-list will require 500,000 fans, and the A-list, the magnus opus of the “lists”, requires 5 million fans.

9. Buy stuff for your apartment
Purchase furniture, art, accessories and other goodies for your apartment, condo or house, as these will increase your star or heart rating.

10. Add friends on Facebook or Game Center in order to use their help in assignments
Search for friends on Facebook and or Game Center and try to date them as this will earn you the best bonuses.

11. Earn free stars and cash by watching videos
If you don’t mind spending few seconds to watch a video, you will earn free cash and stars. These can add up very fast.

12. Bring friends to gigs and earn more
You can use the phone menu to call contacts and connections while you’re on jobs. If you bring someone along with you, you’ll earn more stars and level up faster. The more prominent of a figure that shows up with you, the more you’ll earn.

13. Don’t use stars to buy clothes

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Review Tips and Tricks

At no time should you use your stars to buy clothes. As you level up, you’ll unlock lots of items that are tempting but you really don’t need them. Wait until you’re at a point in the game where you can really afford it without having to skimp elsewhere. Save the stars to go on dates and network. People may make comments if you wear the same things but they’ll still hang out with you, and that’s what matters.

14. Give gifts so you can get to the A list faster
Just like in the real world it is always good to give as it will put you in a good light and it will also earn you other benefits, so it is in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The best way to the A list faster is to shower others with gifts, especially with persons that are already popular.

15. Date lots of people, but don’t get dumped

celebrity games

celebrity games

Date as many people as possible, but please don’t get dumb as it could negatively hurt your popularity. Dating will get you to the A-list very fast. Go to a restaurant, club, or bar then click the pink heart icon with the plus sign and choose the person to invite that person on a date. Try to always date people that are higher than you on the list and also try to always to start dates with full energy because it’s easier to complete the gig and get 5 stars.

16. Adopt pets that you see hanging around the city
These pets include the cat that you see hanging out around downtown LA, as well as others that pop up over time. Just like the Stardom games, pets will give you an energy bonus and other bonuses when you go back to your apartment and tap on them, giving you yet another source of free energy and bonus cash and goods.

We hope that these tips, tricks, hints and cheats will help you to get to that coveted A-list. Have a top, cheat or strategy for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood or any other game? Then reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or through email. We love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with TopAppsReviews community by leaving a comment in the box below. Also please help build this community by subscribing.