IOS 8 Tip: How to install custom keyboards on IPhone, IPad, and Ipod Touch

Remember when I told you in another how to article that IOS 8 comes with a lot of benefits for users? (If you didn’t read my how-to article on IOS 8, Improve and much better: what you should know, please CLICK HERE. One such benefit that IOS users can now enjoy is installing custom keyboards. Now custom keyboards are nothing new to Android users, but this is a whole new frontier for Apple users. Now if you are like me, this is great news, even if I won’t use it.

Here is how you can install a custom keyboard on your IOS device:
1. First thing you need to do is to search the Appstore for a keyboard that you like, for example there is Swype, Fleksy, Touchpad amongst others.
2. After you have install your choice of Keyboard, find Settings on your IPhone, IPad or IOS device, click on ‘General’, and tap on ‘Keyboards’. Tap on ‘Keyboards’ again and hit ‘Add New Keyboard…
You’ll see suggested keyboards that you have install as all keyboards will be shown here. Just tap on the app you want to add it to your list of keyboards.
3. Tap on the keyboard you want which brings up its install page. Tap done and it’s ready to be used in all of your apps.

Apple has decided to allow third-party keyboards to be the default keyboard system-wide, but just in case you want to switch between the two keyboards all you have to do is just tap the globe icon just as you would to switch to any international keyboard.

To set your third-party keyboard as the default, go back to the Keyboards settings, tap edit and then drag your favorite keyboard to the top. You can also remove the default iOS keyboard entirely by swiping to the left over the keyboard name to delete it.

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