How To Allow Only Apps in Use to Access Location Services on My iPhone or iPad?

Location service allows you to share your current location with others on social media such as Facebook or Twitter and with other apps. However, this service consumes a lot of your battery power, therefore causing your device battery to run down very quickly. Learn more about How to fix your battery life problem) and for other reasons why your battery may be draining. If this is a service that you want to use, then you might want to make sure that this option is only use for apps your are currently using and not run unnecessary in the background.

Thanks to IOS 8, you can now allow access to location information only while the app is in use. If your device is still running on an older version of the OS, please update it by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

To allow only the apps you are currently using to access Location Services follow these steps:

1. Go to the home screen, find the Settings app, and tap on it.

2. In the Settings list, choose the Privacy option.

3. Next, tap the Location Services option at the very top of the list. If the feature is currently off, you will need to turn it on before you can configure location settings for an individual app.

4. Tap on an app name that you want to configure for location. When you tap on the app name you will be taken to the settings page for that app.

5. Depending on the app, you will see all or some of the following options: never, while using the app, and always. Setting the configuration to While Using the App is recommended if you only want the app to access location information when you are using it.

If you cannot find this option in the list, you may have to wait for the app’s next update to take advantage of this new feature in iOS 8.

If you want a particular app to always show location then tap on ALWAYS option, or NEVER if you never want to use location service for this app

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