Google announces YouTube ad-free music subscription service

Google announces YouTube ad-free music subscription service

YouTube ad-free music subscription service

Streaming service have gotten very competitive with services such as Beats, Spotify, and others competing against each other for an industry that may rank in a half billion dollars next year according to analyst. Thus Google, owners of popular music video sharing site Youtube has decided to shake things up a bit with YouTube ad-free music subscription service.

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YouTube Music Key began with a roll out with beta testers only who was given six months of free listening and watching, The service will be available to everyone in six months’ time. Google will charge former beta users £7.99 per month and everyone else will pay £9.99 to subscribe to the service.

Persons who have subscribe to Music Key will also automatically be able to use Google music streaming service, Google Play Music, which has over 30 million songs. This will give users access to a massive library of videos, as well as music.

Not only will users be able to watch music videos, but they will also be able to access music tracks that do not have any videos- instead these will appear alongside a still picture.

Google music subscription advantage over Beats and Spotify

With so many different music streaming services available it can be very hard for persons to chose, the most popular of these are Beats and Spotify. Which should you chose? In choosing whether you will want to use Google Youtube ad-free music subscription service, Beats or Spotify I would encourage you to consider cost and what each offer.

Google’s major advantages over Beats and Spotify are: Google Youtube ad-free music subscription service is $2 USD/month cheaper, has many more music videos (Spotify does have some music videos, but nowhere near as many available as YouTube). Google’s YouTube subscription service also gives you access to Google Play All Access subscription service (and the perks that come with it).

Google Youtube ad-free music subscription service Features

  • Price: $7.99 USD/month
    30 million songs (Beats, for example claims 20 million)
    No-ads in music videos
    Offline access
    Background mode for music tracks in YouTube app
    Music discovery
    Google Play All Access subscription
  • Midia Research, a music industry-focused analyst house, believes that Music Key could rake in $500M USD in its first year, or roughly 1/30th of the entire industry’s current annual revenue.

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