Getting the most of out of Dropbox- Tips for Using Dropbox to Organize your Life and Business

Getting the most of out of Dropbox- Tips for Using Dropbox to Organize your Life and Business

Hey guys, Dropbox is a very tool that we use to upload, share and organize files of all varying sizes and types. Now just like any computer or flash drive, files can be very disorganize at times, when files are disorganize it becomes very hard sometimes to locate files very quickly, especially if you have a lot of files.

Ways to Organize Dropbox for quick retrieval of files

To help you find your files very quickly, here are some tips for getting the most out of your Dropbox account by through organization.

1. Use folders.
Without the use of folders you could spend countless minutes search through your Dropbox account for a specific file, I should know as it happens to me on more than one occasional. By organizing your files in folder you will easily be able to locate your files quickly. For example, if your using Dropbox to store files for school, create folders for various subjects and then store files pertaining to that subject (e.g. Mathematics) in that specific folder.
Files stored in Dropbox can easily be access anywhere and easily. They are the 3 types use by Dropbox:
• Unshared: By default, all folders are unshared. Only you can see these folders.
• Shared: A shared folder is a community space where members can collaborate together on the same files.
• Team: A special type of shared folder that only Business admins can create, these automatically appear in your Dropbox when you join a team.

2. Organize folders based on needs
For greater organization of your Dropbox account, after you have created folders then organize files based on who needs access. For example if you are using Dropbox as apart of your company then you could organize your folders base on Team and then by Project or Clients

Organize by team. When organizing by team, do it by department, eg finance department. This will allow team members to access documents related to their work.
Organize by project or client. Creating a shared folder for each project or client lets team members coordinate with specific members without worrying about giving the wrong person access.

3. Upload your files instead of synchronizing them
Often times we tend to prefer the easier way by synchronizing our files automatically; however this is not a very good thing to do especially when you are backing up your files. This is because whenever you delete any files off your computer or device, your files will also be deleted from your Dropbox account.
Therefore it will save you the pain of losing your files all together when you upload your files as Dropbox will then create a copy of your file(s), leaving you free to delete the first from your computer or device.

I hope that these tips will help you in organizing your Dropbox account. Have a tip you would like to share with our community? Let us know through our Social Media Page or contact us. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Please subscribe and follow us on Social Media

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