Gameloft releases Pastry Paradise match 3 puzzle and baking game

Gameloft releases Pastry Paradise match 3 puzzle and baking game

Do you love pastry? Of course you do, who doesn’t? At least even to enjoy a good cooking game that is both entertaining and challenging at the same time. What do you get when you combine a pastry chef game with match 3 game like candy Crush? Pastry Paradise by Gameloft of course.

Anyone who is familiar with match 3 puzzle games like Candy Crush or any other match 3 games will feel at home with this game as the mechanism is all the same, match 3 items of the same while paying close attention to how many moves you have remaining and the goal ahead.

See launch trailer below:

Match 3 games might be very popular as everyone is thinking of making one and the themes I believe might be very exhaustive but this game although it is a Match 3 is a bit interesting and different. I don’t download or play Match 3 games as they are simple not my type, but Pastry Paradise I found to be a very pulling game, perhaps it’s the theme and the developer being Gameloft. Players will also enjoy the use of diagonal swipes that is available on no other match 3 puzzle game.

pastry paradise by gameloft

Pastry Paradise is a pastry war between Hannah and the crooked Mr. Moelleux who want to push his awful and cheap mud cakes and canned custard to customers, unless you can do something about it. The only way you can stop him is to travel across different delectable maps such as Gingerbread Gardens, Wafer Woods, and Mt. Mud Cake and do what you do best- make tasty pastries. Your giving specific task for each challenge or level with limited moves as you would playing Candy Crush and other match 3 puzzle games.

Pastry Paradise is basically a Candy Crush clone with different goals and themes. It’s basically all about making the right moves, at the right time. To complete levels you will have to remember these and also that power-ups are your friends, therefore know, make and use them.

Challenge and take over other bakers shop in Pastry Paradise in pastry bake-offs, eg defeat Bland Soufflé or Sir Spatula and you could take over their shops.

As you progress in Pastry Paradise you’ll be able to unlock exciting boosters in the shop that are made available at specific levels, eg Freezer at level 16, Tong unlocked at level 24 or Whisk unlocked at level 58 amongst others.

For those who loves to serve customers, you will get your chance to wow your customers with Pastry Paradise at certain levels. There is something for everyone, that’s the beauty about this game by Gameloft as there is a little Candy Crush match 3 puzzle style for those who can’t get enough of match 3 games, and there is the pastry or baking side for those who loves food games.

Pastry Paradise is a very fun and exciting game for those who loves match 3 puzzles or those who loves a challenge or just want to try something new- the game is therefore not for everyone- I am sure however that food lovers and match 3 puzzle game lovers will have a delectable time with Pastry Paradise.

Don’t forget to send some gifts to your friends and work together to unlock new maps faster.

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Cost: Free

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