Fotor for Windows 8 App Review: A fast and fun way to edit your photos  and create collages

Fotor for Windows 8 App Review: A fast and fun way to edit your photos and create collages

Photo editing apps are very popular with IOS and android users so if you are windows phone user and have gotten very jealous of IOS and Android users who has lots of photo editing apps to play around with, then you have no need to be jealous anymore as Fotor for Windows 8 is here to give you a helping hand with Fotor is an “all-in-one” photo editing app. This app was designed for touchscreens lets you apply some crazy effects to make your pic look just the way you want it while allowing you also create a collage or two.

This imagine-editing tool offers many interesting filters and tools for customizing your photos. Its modern interface gives the user an interesting editing experience that is, in my opinion is very awesome. Fotor is very easy to use, fast all while including all standard image editing features like frames, photo collage and effects.

Fotor photo image app allows you to easily add text to images, such as inspirational quotes, powerful statistics and captions that will bound to get your pics notice on Social Media sites such as facebook and twitter

The main overview invites users to make a collage and edit pictures. There are two buttons to investigate: Edit and Collage with a grid of six sample photos. Clicking on any sample photo will take you to the editing interface of the tool. This is the best way to take a feel of image editing features of Fotor.

Launching Fotor all in-one image editing app for windows phones will take you to an existing photo to edit, or start working on a collage. There is also six sample photos arranged in an attractive grid, to get you started. These six samples will give you a feel of what you can do with an image editing app like Fotor.

You can add any image to the editor and use the advanced editing features like add borders, add text, crop, scenes, special effects, one-tap enhance, and tilt-shift to help you to add a little creativity to your photo without being a photographer or some professional. The toolbar is divided into two sections where one section shows basic tools and the other shows detailed features. There is no doubt that Fotor aims at making it very easy for persons to edit their photos with a few taps and swipes, much like Google’s SnapSeed.

With Fotor photo editing app you are able to add different backgrounds to your photo by tapping the Scenes button to quickly alter your photo with either the 1-Tap Enhance or a variety of ‘scene’ presets such as sand/snow, night and other lighting conditions. If you are thinking of adjusting the photo then you can use the Edit button and play around with various adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation and colour temperature. You could even add vignette or sharpen the photo and if you are not happy with changes you made you could simple undo and redo changes. You are your own boss and make your photo look and feel the way you want it to.

Within the Crop menu you can straighten your photo, crop freehand or choose from a selection of common aspect ratios.

Effects is similar to Scenes, but offers a more Instagram-like selection of filters to give your photo a retro look or another style. Adding borders to your photo is very simple.

In conclusion, Fotor is a great app that you can use to edit and play around with. It is not Photoshop but will get the job done.