Episode – Choose Your Story Review

Episode – Choose Your Story Review

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this interactive game by Pocket Gems’ is Walking Dead by Telltale, please see review

Episode Choose your story review
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Pocket Gems’ Episode – Choose Your Story is all about interactive tales that lets you pick from an array of stories, like you would in Walking Dead series, and make choices that will greatly impact your adventure or and character. This is a fun and interactive game that has something for everyone, whether you love adventures or you’re the romantic type, this game is full of adventures.

Gameplay or reading a story is very simple and straightforward, find and chose a story you want to read, follow the story line and participate in the direction of the story based on choices given when prompted and tap on the screen to move along the storyline. One of the good thing about this game other than you get to choose from an array of story that makes it different from Walking Dead is that an like Walking Dead you don’t have to make your choices quickly but instead you can take your time to think about which direction you want your character to go. There are around 6 stories to choose from and each story has various Episodes or chapters that take you along the story and each is a continuation of the previous storyline, just like series movies on TV. The stories feature animated characters that move, walk and even move their lips to show that they are talking. You are even able to dress your character from an array of choices; I wish though that when you chose e.g. casual dressing you have a set of casual clothes to choose from instead of just one, and be either nice or rude if you want to. The choices you will have to make range from small to big decisions for example what you should wear to who you should talk to or chose.

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As said before the stories are really diverse as the creators are interested in meeting a wide cross section of app users, no one is deny the opportunity to enjoy this game, unlike in Walking Dead where it’s only one storyline. Some of the Genres are Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery, Adventure, and User Stories. To make your reading even more enjoyable, as a user you are able to create your own story and guide it in whatever way you want.

The only problems I have with Episode – Choose Your Story is that they need more stories for guys, stories are mainly for females. Overall this is a great game to have in your collection. Mystery and fun awaits you in this awesome interactive game fill with stories just waiting to be enjoyed. The choice is yours, what story would you like to enjoy?

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