Education Must Have

No longer does education have to be this boring and tedious task, thanks to some of the best apps. Here are some essentials apps everyone must have.

1. Evernote (COST:FREE)

Category: Productivity

Unless you are very lucky, no one will spend time writing notes on blackboards for you to copy down in your notebook. Or even speak slowly spouting invaluable nuggets of knowledge that you can’t afford to miss. We are living in a fast pace world, so get on with the program.

Thanks to the Evernote app which can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet life has gotten much easier. Evernote allows you to store your notes, audio clips, images and videos on your device, and then sync them to all your devices through your account. This allows you the freedom to record lectures or take notes on your device then continue working on them on your laptop or computer. You can even share them with your group members or file them for future studying With Evernote you can also create reminders of things you need to do with it’s To-do list reminder, therefore you will always be a top of things in terms of keeping tracks of assignments and things you need to do. Need a picture to include with your notes? Evernote allows you to snap pictures. This is a must have app for anyone pursuing hire education.


2. Instacollage Pro (COST: FREE)

Each day you spent in college is very precious and those precious moments should be treasured. Even though you might be able to go back to college, you will not be able to recreate those exact special moment. That’s where Instacollage Pro comes in. They says a picture is worth a thousand words and with Instacollage Pro you can share your college experiences with the world, or just with those persons who really matters, with stunning pictures


3. Study Blue Flashcards (COST: FREE)

Studying can sometimes be very boring especially if you are using those index cards that we normally use to study. Let’s face it, what is the one thing most of us cannot leave home without or not touch for a whole day? Our mobile phones or tablets of course. If this is the case why not use it to help you study? Thanks to apps like Study Blue Flashcards you can now make useful notes for studying anywhere you go, unlike flash cards you purposefully forget sometimes at home. With Study Blue Flashcards you can create multiple Flashcards using photos, videos, audio and text. Now if Study Blue Flashcards doesn’t sound like an app you must have, then I don’t know what else is. No doubt this app will prove very valuable in those inevitable study sessions.

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4. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) Sleep If You Can (COST: FREE)

One of the problem many students face is that of over-sleeping. This sometimes cause them to be late for classes, miss the bus, having to rush to school and or classes, not able to eat breakfast because they are late, accidentally leaving something that is well needed amongst few other things. This proves even more problematic for college students you have those early classes or have to wake up very early to complete assignments etc. Thanks to this amazing app, Sleep If You Can, you don’t have to be late for school or classes again. Yes you can always use your normal smartphone alarm clock or some other alarm clock app, but what makes this app special is that if you are going to turn it off you either have to shake the phone or get up and take a picture of a predetermined location, eg the bathroom shower. We all know that many times we heard the Alarm clock but instead of waking up we turn it off, I am guilty of this many times, not with this app. This is a must have app for those who never want to be late for another appointment or class time.


5. EasyBib EasyBib (COST: FREE)

One of the major problem when college student face when completing assignment is to be told that they are either guilty of plagiarizing or citing the material incorrectly, this can seriously affect your grade. Now with EasyBib you will not have that problem anymore as EasyBib will take the hassle out of the process. This app works by allowing you to either scan the book barcode to generate a citation or typing the name of the book. This is a must have app to manage your citations and reference list of sources cited


If you think we miss one please contact us to let us know