Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review

Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review

If you were ever thinking about going into the taxi business in real life, or even playing a nice car game then Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the game you should give a try. Fast pace crazy fun is what comes to mind when I think of this game created by Sega for IOS users. This is a game that quickly pulls you in then annoys you with their constant money making popups that’s so popular in free to play games. This game no doubts remind me of Angry Birds Go (please see review here with it’s pulling game features and then after you started enjoying the game they start milking your pocket.

The first thing you are asked to do when you open the Crazy Taxi: City Rush is to chose your driver you want to play as.

Gameplay and Control
Control is the regular tap to swipe left or right between lanes that is so popular in 3D running games. To prevent players from getting last there is a green arrow which points to where you should go to pick up passengers and let them off at their destination within the time given. To turn, press and hold on a big round button at left corner of your screen.

In Crazy Taxi: City Rush speed is very important as you have to complete task within the given time, all while trying to collect as many coins and avoiding other vehicles on the road. Each level has it’s own requirement, just like in real world where each passenger has his or her own destination and or requirement, for example to pick up another passenger.

Upon completing each level you’re rewarded with coins which you can use to, unlock new customization options for your cab, experience points, which unlock new drivers, car parts, and more, and the occasional gems.

Crazy Taxi:City Rush has a limited gas tank which refills over time—each level drains one notch from the tank, and once it’s empty you either have to wait or shell out real money for gems to refill it your tank.
Crazy Taxi City Rush offers added some fun bonus levels to the game that I know a lot of players will like, for example there is a level that ask players to run over other cars rather than avoiding them. However, only the first chance is free and the rest will cost you.

This is a great game that is fun to play. The only big issue I have found with this game is advertisement and things that you have to pay for. On the other hand developers have to make a living so therefore in-app purchases and advertisements are expected in all free to play apps and games. Another issue is that controls are not very responsive at times.

COST: Free
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