Cars: Fast as Lightning Review- Lets Build and Race Together

Cars: Fast as Lightning Review- Lets Build and Race Together

Buckle up and let’s race as Gameloft have done it again with another awesome, beautiful game, Cars: Fast as Lightning, based off the hit Pixar movie Cars 2 (2011). Racing games are very popular on the app store as everyone loves the trill of racing down the road while leaving every other car in the dust. Fast cars bring excitement, and this is exactly what Cars: Fast as Lightning brings to our devices. Are you ready to go around the driver’s seat for another race of your life?

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Cars: Fast as Lightning is all about letting players race around the track while jumping ramps and dodging various obstacles. However, players are only able to control acceleration, braking and ramping, but this doesn’t limit the fun you will have. The game combines town building and racing where players live at Radiator Springs. Radiator Springs is a run-down old town that is about to host a massive racing competition.

The last time we saw Lightning McQueen he was successful in putting Radiator Springs back on the map and saw his buddy Mater accidentally become a super spy. Now he has come up with a brilliant idea to let cars of all sort build their own tracks in Radiator Springs and challenge others to race them there.

The game is very simple to play and do not leave you hanging as it gives you clear tutorials on what to do and how to complete tasks. To race you simple, you hold down a virtual gas pedal to accelerate and ease off to go slower through turns. Players swipe the screen when prompted to perform tricks on specialized sections of track that can be purchased with enough hard currency (gems) or earned with in-game currency (coins). Get a little Boosts now and again to help you go faster with a well-timed tap. Cars: Fast as Lightning gives you a sense of progression or meaning as you process through chapters while unlocking new characters and items as they go. The excitement really lies in racing against several established Cars characters including the arrogant Chick Hicks, fanatic Lightning-worshipper Darrell Cartrip, and “mellow” Volkswagen bus Fillmore.


Each time you win a race you will earn experience points which you can use to unlock tricks for your track, as well as coins to upgrade your car. You will also earn stickers when you win races, stickers can be used to unlock new characters or paint jobs. Players will want play often so as to win the coveted car character Lightning.
As players advance in the game they are able to add new jumps and stunts onto the various tracks, as well as the ability to add new structures to your own tract.

The game is free to play; however, there are the optional in-app purchases that will help players to get ahead faster in the game without collecting the gems and stickers. There is also the refuel time wait that players will have to put up with, as it is with every racing game. Overall though Cars: Fast as Lightning is a very fun and addictive game that kids of all ages will enjoy playing. There is simple no dull moment in Cars: Fast as Lightning.

Cost: Free
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