Canadian residents will soon be able to use Apple Pay

Canadian residents will soon be able to use Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile payment launched in October 2014 is now going internationally as Apple is about to launch Apple Pay in the Canadian market according to sources.

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Apple is currently in negotiations with Canadian partners as Apple is trying to launch in the Canadian market sometime in the first half of this year. According to 9to5Mac “Apple and Canadian launch partners are in the process of planning advertising and other promotional material for March, which indicates that the launch could come as soon as then. Of course, these are still active discussions and it’s possible the talks could fail to result in a launch by March. Several sources, however, tell us Apple is currently targeting that timeframe.”

Since it’s launched in October of last year, Apple Pay has seen steady growth in the U.S. Market as new banks, credit unions, and retail partners are added at a steady rate.

Apple Pay expansion in other parts of the world has been subjected to lots of discussion in resent months since it’s launch but this has not been confirmed or denied by Apple.