Bible Trivia- an exciting bible trivia game for quiz lovers

Bible Trivia- an exciting bible trivia game for quiz lovers

Bible Trivia games that I am accustom to most times tend to be very dull and lacks fun features, even some regular features one normally find when playing trivia games. I was therefore very exciting when I found this very refreshing Bible Trivia game which is very much different from the ones I am accustom to.

Bible Trivia seeks to test your knowledge of how much you know your bible through 5 categories of questions such as: Jesus Said where you are given a quote by Jesus and then have to fill in the blank

Audio Clue- For Audio Clue you will have to listen to an audio clip then provide the correct answer. You will hear the word ‘blank’ and you have to fill in the missing word correctly. In this category you have to ensure that you are using a headphone or you turn the volume up allowing you to hear what the audio clip is saying.

Person- For Person category you are given a question and have to say who the person is

Guess the Scene- in this category you are shown a scene or picture and have to guess what or who the picture is depicting.

Name That Book- in this category you are given a scenario, for example in which book the children of Israel cross the Red Sea

For each correct answer you are given the place where the quote was taken from and the option to be taken to an online page to explain why. Bible Trivia is a very educational and fun game that will test your memory to see how well you remember and know your bible. The format of the game play screen resembles that of a picture puzzle quiz game which I have found very unusual, but at the same time really made the game much different from other trivia games which has a totally different look and feel, like you’re in an exam kind of look and feel.

If you ever get stuck on a question you have 3 different power-ups to play with. Tap and the use the left side power-up mark by an A when you want to show a correct letter from the list of scramble words, use the right top power-up mark with a bomb to remove some of the letters from the list that are not a part of the correct answer, and finally use the hint power-up at the bottom to show a scripture reference.

Sadly unlike Famous People Quiz (Please see review here), you’re not able to skip a level just in case it gets too difficult for you (though I question if I will serve much purpose as you can just use a hint to see bible reference, and thus get correct answer, however some persons may find it useful) or are you able to request help directly from Facebook through the Bible Trivia app. You can however get more coins in case you run out and need it immediately by going to the shop.

Another thing I really like about this app is that it allows you to reset the whole game just in case you have completed all the levels and want to play over, though I do not know if the questions will be in the same line or order as they were given when you first started playing.