Arrows Attack: Swipe The Arrows

Gone are the days when if a developer did not have a big app with lots of features on the appstore he will not make any money and his app will not make any money. Games like flappy bird, Don’t Step on the white tile amongst others, have shown that if an indie developer has a simple app or game he can still tap the chart. And that is exactly what simple games like Arrows Attack: Swipe The Arrows (which is a remake of Swipe The Arrows) is doing, a game that looks simple but at the same time is very addictive.

At the first look at Arrows Attack: Swipe The Arrows one would think that this game will be simple one to beat and probably will be very boring, after all what could be exciting and challenging about swipping few others in the right direction? Sounds simple doesn’t it? And with that i will agree with you, but i assue you it is not as simple as it sounds.Whe I first downloaded this game i was probably thinking just like you that it will be a  very simple and probably boring game, but Ihow wrong i was. I was very amazed at the game play and how much challenging and fun i would actually have playing this game.

When you first open the app you will first notice that the app actually shows you how the game is played so that you will not have to spend time trying to figure out how the game is actually played.

iPhone Screenshot 1

The game gives you three playing options: Arcade Mode, Race Mode and Time Attack. Now lets talk a little about each of these modes.

Arcade Mode: With Arcade Mode your job is to swipe the arrows in the right direction before they disappear. If your not quick enough and the arrows disappear then game is over.

Race Mode: With Race Mode, its all about trying to see how many arrows you can swipe in the right direction within 30sec

Time Attack: See how much you can score within 30sec

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3

The aim of the game is to swipe the black arrows in the same direction  it is pointing to, on the other hand you swipe the the dotted arrows in the opposite direction. Even though it sounds easy, in reality it actually is not. The game calls for focus, good reflex and speed.

This is a great game and is one that will have many of you, depending on your taste in games, playing for hours. Don’t take by words for it go out and download it. If you like it show some love to the developer by leaving a rating, even if you don’t like it still leave one. Developers love to hear from the people who actaully use their apps.

What We Like About This Game

This is a very challenging game that calls for focus and reflex. This is a game that you can enjoy playing while taking that long bus drive or sitting at home idle. The concept of the game is great.