Apple to stop production of iPhone 5C next year

Apple to stop production of iPhone 5C next year

Apple has decided that will not no longer be carrying iPhone 5C in the upcoming year 2015 according to news report by Macrumors and Cnet .

Manufactured by Foxconn and Wistron, iPhone 5C was released by Apple in 2013 as a low cost alternatives to iPhone 5S which is set to be feature-pack. The 5C started off selling on the market for $99 and available in five different colors, but is now available for free with a two-year wireless contract in an 8GB edition that Apple introduced last March.

Although no specific reason has been given for cutting iPhone 5C, it is believe that Apple is stopping production of iPhone 5C because of lower than expected sale after its debut in 2013 as consumers were demanding flagship iPhone 5s. Apple however made another attempt to increased sales of iPhone 5C but with very little success.

It is very difficult to ascertain how poorly iPhone 5C perform in the market as the company doesn’t break down those sales per device.

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