Apple Pay wow- Glitch causes Apple Pay users to get charged twice

Apple Pay wow- Glitch causes Apple Pay users to get charged twice

Apple new mobile payment system, Apple Pay, has been launch just few days and already glitch already exist. Again which product is ever perfect? According to a report by Cnet some early bird Bank of America customers credit and debit cards were charged twice when they used Apple Pay to conduct their transactions. The bank later apologies to all those that were affected by this glitch and have reversed the duplicate charges, about 1,000 transactions have been affected.

The glitch in Bank of America customers being charged twice is said not caused from Apple’s end but is caused by technology used by the bank, according to a report by Cnet.

In another report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said that they are aware that a small number of customers from Bank of America experience this glitch and that the bank is working on a fix that will be available soon.

However, this is not the only issue Apple Pay faces early in the game. According to a report by Business Insider, many retailers’ employees are not fully familiar with the use of Apple Pay, which may cause a slow line at some places. Business Insider team visited 11 retailers that use Apple Pay in one of Manhattan’s busiest commercial districts, Union Square. “At eight of these retailers, store clerks either did not know whether they accepted Apple Pay or said they did not yet accept it. At all of the locations, the store clerks also reported not receiving prior instruction by their management on Apple Pay going live or how to use it.” They were however able to complete transactions on their own without assistance from store clerks.

There is also a glitch where some cards are not showing the correct card designs within the Apple’s Passbook app when added to Apple Pay. This issue can be very confusing for some users that may have multiple cards from the same banks as reported by 9to5mac

Apple Pay, a game changer in the ecommerce market, is a mobile wallet that allows persons who owns Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to use their phone to conduct transactions. Apple Pay will take users security, identity, user’s wallet information and putting all these data into something anyone can do and use quickly and with great ease.

Hundreds of banks and retailers have signed onto Apple Pay in an effort to allow their customers the ease of making payments using their mobile phones, and also in an effort retain customers who might otherwise be tempted to switch to other banks and retailers that offers Apple Pay.

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