Apple iPad Air 2 Review- features, prices and criticisms of Apple’s most powerful and thinnest tablet ever

Apple iPad Air 2 Review- features, prices and criticisms of Apple’s most powerful and thinnest tablet ever

Apple has recently released their latest addition to the iPad line, iPad Air 2, which is much improve and is already proving to be one of the best tablet in the market.

Boasting a thinner body, and a faster A8X chip, the iPad Air 2 was unveiled by Apple at its media event in Cupertino, California. The iPad Air 2 is dub as the thinnest and most powerful iPad ever, and you can see why with its A8X chip and 6.1mm, which is 18% thinner than the previous iPad Air, is already taking over the tablet market. One thing is noticeable is that a lot of features that we saw in the iPhone 6 is present in the iPad Air 2, for example TouchID.

• Screen: 9.7in 2048×1536 retina display (264 pixels per inch)
• Processor: Apple 64-bit A8X with M8 coprocessor
• RAM: 2GB
• Storage: 16/64/128 GB
• Operating system: iOS 8.1
• Camera: 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front-facing camera
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi (4G optional), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
• Dimensions: 240 x 169.5 x 6.1mm for both Wi-Fi and 4G versions
• Weight: 437g (4G version: 444g)

Apple iPad Air 2 operating system

As expected, the iPad Air 2 comes running iOS 8.1 – Apple’s latest version of its mobile platform.

For IOS 8 features, please see IOS 8, Improve and much better: what you should know

Apple iPad Air 2 Display

When you think of Apple products you quickly think of excellent display quality, and the iPad Air 2 doesn’t disappoint, and with 9.7 inches and 2048×1536, giving you 3.1 million pixel per inch, who can complain? To improve display quality, Apple redesign the retina display which greatly improve the display quality giving us vivid colors and greater contrast. To add to this they added an antireflective coating, giving iPad Air 2 the least reflective display of any tablet in the world. More importantly, Apple lovers will not have to worry about the display causing the power to drain quickly.

Apple iPad Air 2 Speed

We are now in a day and age where speed is very important. Can you imagine sitting in front of a device that moves very slowly? Just when we think there is no Apple has upgraded iPad Air speed in the IPad Air 2 making working through different task runs much faster. The speed might not be much but after using it for a while and then going back to an older version you will quickly realize how big a difference in how fast iPad Air 2 perform.

Apple iPad Air 2 Camera

Pack with 8MP iSight camera with an f/2.4 aperture, 1080p video recording and dedicated image processing aboard the A8X chip, the new and improve Apple iPad Air 2 camera is very much similar to Apple recently release iPhone 6, which makes taking pics and video seems almost better than looking at the real thing. The camera features enables 43MP panoramic capture, timelapse and slo-mo capture, and not to mention burst mode.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the front-facing FaceTime HD camera also has a new sensor with an f/2.2 aperture and allows 81% more light into the lens. It also features improved face detection, burst selfies, HDR video and single-shot HDR selfie mode. What more could you ask for?

However, according to Techradar Apple has decided not to include filter option and also the ability to change to a Slo-Mo camera is also missing even though this option was included in other recent Apple hardware. It is not the case of iPad Air 2 not being able to handle this as it is running A7 64-bit chip to enable the enhanced video mode.

Apple iPad Air 2 design

iPad air 2

As mention above, the world’s thinnest tablet, the new Apple iPad Air 2, is much thinner than its predecessor as Apple has shaved off 1.4mm from the original iPad Air to make the iPad Air 2 just 6.1mm thick.

The new iPad Air 2 will come in silver, space grey and gold variant.

Apple iPad Air 2 power

The fact is, power is everything, and the new iPad Air 2 comes with A8X chip which was created specifically for the tablet. The A8X will provide 40% faster CPU performance for apps and it claims graphics are 2.5 times faster.

This is good news for gamers who seek devices that had quality graphics.

Apple has stuff M8 motion co-processor inside and also a barometer as well, giving you maximum power.

Apple iPad Air 2 TouchID

Yes you heard right, first release in the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has added TouchID technology to the iPad Air 2, thereby greatly improving security level. TouchID will iPad Air 2 will greatly improve the security of your tablet as it uses your fingerprint to unlock the device with just one touch, therefore making it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to use your device. Not only that, but with TouchID you are able to make purchases in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store more securely.

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Apple iPad Air 2 Interface

The iPad Air 2 interface is very similar to IOS 7 interface on iPhone and iPad, however, the interface is very flat. Wallpaper will give you a 3D effect on the screen, which I think is very cool, when you tilt your iPad. To find notification bar users will simple have to drag from top of the tablet, just like you would with your iPhone. This gives access to updates, calendar entries and missed messages.
Initially it was one of the weaker parts of the OS, as it always started on the calendar, which doesn’t often give a lot of useful information.

The multi-tasking pane will show you all your apps in large thumbnails and can be access by swiping upwards with all five fingers or double tapping the home button. As in former days when only a limited amount of apps in each folder on the home screen, with the iPad Air 2 the home screen has is now updated to allow a much larger number of apps in each folder. This will allow you to create collections just by dragging icons on top of one another; thereby you will have a much less cluttered home screen.

Apple iPad Air 2 Battery and connectivity

Battery life was not left out of Apple’s latest iPad release as Apple is promising up to 10 hours battery life with iPad Air 2. Now users are able to watch movies with its beautiful display quality and play games for much longer without worrying about battery running down quickly.
What is even more awesome is that with the new iPad Air 2 users can enjoy faster Wi-Fi connection with speeds up to 866 Mbps. In fact connectivity is 2.8x faster than before, thereby allowing you do download your favorite movies, music, surf the net and more at a much faster speed.
No need to wander if Air 2 is compatible with your network as the Air 2 supports 20 different LTE bands for faster downloads and sharing, this is more than any other tablet on the market.
What’s even more incredible with the Air 2 and connectivity is that it doesn’t drain your battery very quickly, therefore you will be able to surf your favorite sites for much longer hours without worrying about recharging your battery.

Apple iPad Air 2 Price
iPad Air 2 pricing is a familiar affair with the 16GB Wi-Fi model kicking things off at just £399. Costs go up to £659 for the 128GB Wi-Fi plus 4G option.

Other Noticeable Features

We would also like to take notice of some other features we notice with the iPad Air 2, these are:

AirDrop and AirPlay
AirDrop allows you to quickly and easily share documents with persons in close proximity wirelessly. To do this simply enable AirDrop in Control Center, select a photo, video, or document, tap the Share icon, and choose who you want to share with and you’re done. AirPlay on the other hand lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iPad Air 2 via Apple TV to your HDTV and speakers — without having to log in to a network.

Apple SIM
The new iPad Air 2 comes with a proprietary SIM card design, called Apple SIM. Apple SIM is Apple’s way of giving persons the option or flexibility to choose from a variety of short-term plans from carriers in the U.S. and UK right on your iPad. Therefore if you are not satisfied with a plan from carrier you can always switch to another one. However, Apple SIM can be removed, so carriers may opt not to supply iPad Air 2 devices with the tech, but those who do are offering the consumer greater flexibility.

The new Apple SIM is preinstalled on iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular models.

Speaker Quality
The speaker output is very impressive; therefore you won’t have any problem playing your favorite music’s or movies on the iPad Air 2.

Main Criticisms of Apple iPad Air 2

TopAppsReviews notice some criticisms of the new iPad Air 2 and thought it would be best to include some of them here:

Recode Walt Mossberg noted that “ the iPad Air 2 is a thinner and lighter version of the original Air with a faster processor, one that has gained some of the latest iPhone technology, like the better rear camera, support for faster Wi-Fi and cellular networks (where available), and the fingerprint sensor.” Walt Mossberg also said that iPad Air 2 was a sleek, fluid device that runs his apps very well and that although Air 2 is not much improve from previous version, the iPad in his view is still the best tablet. David Phelan said that the iPad Air 2 faster processing speed will keep Apple on top and will keep rivals way behind. He further noted that the iPad Air 2 coming Christmas will be on a lot of people list. Furthermore with the iPad Air 2 graphics apps will be able to “deliver increasingly complex and sophisticated graphical effects” Stuart Miles believes that Apple has created a premium product that delivers but is more ideal for those at the top-end of the market. Stuart Miles further noted that “the market shows us that the appetite for the iPad range is slowing, either as Apple runs out of customers to sell to, or because the technological leaps that we see in phones aren’t in demand in devices that most use to do fairly little: surf the web or watch TV. Some just won’t need all that power, unless you’re looking to dabble in some video editing and top-tier gaming on the go. That will determine what your stance on the iPad Air 2 is.”

Engadget’s Brad Molen (as seen on Business Insider with Lisa Eadicicco said the iPad Air 2 “looks and feels fantastic,” and praised the tablet’s no-gap display, improved camera, and faster internals. Apple’s new iPad is also noticeably faster than its predecessor, and the battery life is more than capable of holding up for an entire day of extended use. He did, however, that the removal of the mute switch proved to be a minor inconvenience. Business InsiderThe iPad Air 2

The Verge’s Nilay Patel pointed out that though the iPad Air 2 is the best iPad ever made, it is not the best product made by Apple as the company has released other products that are more technology advance. However, its hardware and enormous ecosystem of apps offer a commanding advantage over the competition. He noted further that browsing the web on the iPad Air 2 is nothing impressive and is comparable to a 2011 MacBook Air. Overall, the Air 2 doesn’t represent any dramatically improved experience. It misses things such as multiple-user support, guest mode.

Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue said that “The improvements are all terrific — especially the WiFi speed and the thinness — but they’re not enough to make you want to ditch your 2013 iPad Air. If your iPad is older still, and you use it often, then, yeah; it’s worth the upgrade.” However, the iPad Air 2 features put it at the front of the state of the art. “It’s a glorious, fast, beautiful, tablet, edging ever closer into laptop-replacement territory. And with the impressive iOS 8 and Apple’s universe of online services behind it, this iPad will light up a lot of faces under the 2014 Christmas tree.”

New York Times FARHAD MANJOO described the iPad Air 2 tablet as the fastest device ever sold with performance score of 1,812. Furthermore, the tablet is worth its price as you could get four or five years of use out of this tablet before you’ll need to upgrade

Our Take on the iPad Air 2
If you are looking for a tablet that has a beautiful display, more power, the new wireless capabilities, improved camera, slimmer build and that moves at incredible speed then you have to opt for the Air 2.


Summary: Apple iPad Air 2 is simple the most incredible and most powerful tablet on the market. Its power and speed surpassed all other tablets on the market.
Technology - 9.9
Graphics & Sound Quality - 10
Features - 9.5
Design - 10

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Apple iPad Air 2 Review- features, prices and criticisms of Apple’s most powerful and thinnest tablet ever TopAppsReviews Team Apple iPad Air 2 is simple the most incredible and most powerful tablet on the market. Its power and speed surpassed all other tablets on the market.

Apple has recently released their latest addition to the iPad line, iPad Air 2, which is much improve and is already proving to be one of the best tab...