Paid Review Request

Paid Review Request

When you purchase this service, your app will be check within 5 days and review process starts. We will send you an email when your app is review with a link to it. Paid Review service does not guarantee a positive review, but it does guarantee that your app will be review by us. Once app has been review you will not make any refund. Due to the nature of how we do business You have 24hrs after request is made to cancel. Paid review starts as low as $12.50

App Review Packages:
Regular App Review- $12.50
Includes social media promotion (one post) and sent to newsletter promotion

Feature App Review-Your app will be seen by every visitor on our home page at a dedicated area (free Social Media promotion (2 post over 5 days), link sent to all subscribers with little description)-$20.50

App Video Review- we will create a video review and a written review of your app (free social media promotion with video, video shown at feature video sidebar, App & Description with link send in newsletter)-$70

Social Media Promotion- We will post a description of your app with link to all our Facebook and Twitter followers. We will discuss your apps every 3 days (3-5 post max)- $10

Upon submitting this form, your name will be added to our developer and regular email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please fill out the form, if YOUR ONLY PURCHASING ONE SERVICE, PLEASE CHOOSE ‘NONE’ FOR THE OTHER BOXES.


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