App Trailer Production

App Trailer Production

To really sell your app, plain text and a few screenshots are just not enough. Today’s successful apps require high-impact videos that generate excitement and sales.

Video works: There is a reason why Google purchase Youtube, they realize that videos is a gold mine. Videos are the perfect medium to deliver information to your target audience in a concise, and easy to understand manner. Studies have shown that people watch up 13 hours of online video every month and people who watched a product video are 85% more likely to buy. Your video is a stand-alone advertisement that shows the top features of your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows app(s). With your app video, you can use it on your website, post to YouTube, and send to reviewers for maximum impact.

Benefits of Video

  • More attention and sales- Show your app in action to get more people to download it
  • Videos help your audience to get involve in your app
  • Affordable- Save hundreds over other video production companies

How It Works

  • Send us a detail message with what you are looking for and about your app
  • Submit your app, logo, and icon
  • We work with you to create a video you’ll love

Why TopAppsReviews?

With every App Trailer purchase we will give you for FREE:

  • FREE App Review
  • Your App will be listed in our App Trailer and App Video Section
  • We will send out a link to our Facebook and Twitter followers

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