ASO Icon And Screenshots

ASO Icon And Screenshots

Do you know why many apps fail? One of the major reasons why many apps do not get the visiblity they deserve is because the developers of these apps failed to get their app optimized. App Store Optimization is the key to getting your app seen by millions. Please see my blog article on App Store Optimization.

We at TopAppsReviews offer the best App Store Optimization Service. Having a app on the stores without having them optimized is like asking the users to find a needle in a hay stack. We will make your app more discoverable.

ASO Icon And Screenshots

Why Do you need ASO Icon and Screenshots done?

  • Your app icon is the very first thing a user searching for an app will see. Therefore it must be good. It must ‘jump’ out at them and say ‘click me’
  • OK, lets say you have managed to get the users curiosity with your Icon, where does the user look next – Screenshots. Most persons decides to download an app just by looking at the keywords. Ask my friends, or even your friends, and they will tell you that is true
  • A picture is worth a thousand words – this is very relevant in the app world
  • If you get the users attention & curiosity with your icons & screenshots he might read your description
  • A great Icon & Screenshot will give you app a greater chance that a user will atleast download your app
  • More Downloads = Higher ranking for your app
  • Do not make the number one mistake many developers make, focus only on the development of their app and not on app icons and screenshots, after all these are the very first thing people will see, not what your app can do
  • Majority of people, I am one of them, make a download decision base on what they see (your app icon and screenshots)


How I can help you?

We will create for you eye catching icons and screenshots that is bound to have your users quickly downloading your app.

So what is the cost for this service?

Many service provided will charge you an arm and a leg for this service because they know the power of having an awesome app icon and screenshots, but we have realise that you had already spent alot of money building your app so we have therefore decided to reduce our prices for this service.

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