App Store Keyword Optimization

Do you know why many apps fail? One of the major reasons why many apps do not get the visiblity they deserve is because the developers of these apps failed to get their app optimized. App Store Optimization is the key to getting your app seen by millions. Please see my blog article on App Store Optimization.

We at TopAppsReviews offer the best App Store Optimization Service. Having a app on the stores without having them optimized is like asking the users to find a needle in a hay stack. We will make your app more discoverable.

App Store Keyword Optimization

When you put your app on the appstore , playstore or windows store you are literally competing against thousands of similar apps, probably using the same keywords you are using. You want your app to be visible and only then will persons be able to download your app, you can’t do this without the right keywords. You want your app to reach in the top 10 spot as thats where the money is. We can help you with this. An app on the app stores without the right keywords is like asking users to find a needle in a haystack

Analysis of Keywords & Improvement suggestions for Existing apps:

Do you have a existing app on the app store & have no idea what you are doing wrong or which keywords to use?  I can help you figure out the keywords which you should be using on your app by doing a thorough research

Keyword Research & App Store Keyword Optimization:

  • Is this your first app on the app stores ?
  • You haven’t got a clue as to which keywords are better for your app
  • 100 characters – The no. of keyword characters you can use in the Apple store, I can help you use these characters optimally

App Description Optimization:

  • Is your app description a essay on what your app does & why its great?
  • Well essays are great for getting good grades , not for getting app users interested & your app downloaded
  • Users need to be educated about your app’s functionality using optimum no. of words
  • I will help you craft a point by point descriptive content which will highlight your apps features & functionality
  • A great description can be the difference between the user hitting the download button or moving to the next app

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  • App Details, including current keywords you are either thinking of or already using

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