App Localization

App Localization

Do you know why many apps fail? One of the major reasons why many apps do not get the visiblity they deserve is because the developers of these apps failed to get their app optimized. App Store Optimization is the key to getting your app seen by millions. Please see my blog article on App Store Optimization.

We at TopAppsReviews offer the best App Store Optimization Service. Having a app on the stores without having them optimized is like asking the users to find a needle in a hay stack. We will make your app more discoverable.

App Store Optimization – What is ASO Localization of App?

  • So you have built your App or are in the process of building it
  • Have you thought about other markets than the US of A?
  • Most people don’t, there is a huge market outside of the US
  • App Localization is having Keywords, App Title & App Description in local language
  • For Example: If you are targeting the Spain market then you research & add keywords, App Title relevant to the Spanish market
  • Most developers only think of using the SAME KEYWORDS for all market, that is not the right way to go

Why do I need your App Localization Service? I might just as well use Google Translate to Localize my App:

  • App Localization is not merely translating your English Keywords & Title into another language directly
  • People think they can use Google Translate & translate their English words & vola you are done
  • You couldn’t be more wrong, each language has its own nuances, grammatical & everyday spoken dialect
  • So when you localize you need to find a whole new set of keywords based on what people search for in the given language

How is App Localization Done?

  • We use local translators when needed to get the exact keywords
  • This ensures that the most relevant keywords are chosen for  your App
  • We select the keywords which have high traffic in the local language
  • The App’s name also needs to be changed to the local language

What Happens to my App after I use your App Localization Service?

  • When people see a Apps name in their own language the probability of them downloading your app goes up exponentially
  • Keyword Localization leads to your app being found when people search for your apps functionality in local terms
  • There is a instant connection you make with people by having a app in local language
  • Less Competition- There is not a whole lot of apps which have currently been localized, so the chances of your app being found goes up exponentially

Which languages I should localize my App?

  • German
  • Spanish (as in the country Spain)
  • French
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Why the above languages? Because these are the countries where people own the most iOS devices apart from USA. Hence, more downloads

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