App Store Optimization- The Key to Getting your app seen by millions

App Store Optimization- The Key to Getting your app seen by millions

Everyday literally thousands of apps are launch in the Google Playstore, Windows store and IOS Appstore and the sad fact is that they are literally hundreds of thousands get lost in the Appstore. Why? Because they are either not promoted properly or persons just can’t find them. The key therefore to getting your app seen is APP STORE OPTIMIZATION.

Very few developers of app knows the secret to getting their app visible and the rest are kept wondering why their apps or games that they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars building or reskinning is not getting much downloads. This is because they failed to utilize App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques. Here are some tips on how you can utilize App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to get your app visible which leads to thousands of downloads without spending much money out of your pocket:

App Icon and Screenshots

These are two of the most important thing to consider before launching your app or game. This is because your app icon will be the first thing shoppers will see when they see your app. If they don’t like the app icon or if its not catchy enough they will go on to the next app. If the app icon grabs their attention they then moves on to Screenshots. You want screenshots that kinda tells a story, not ones that are dull and boring. You also want to make sure they adequately represent your app well and what it does. Many persons don’t move on from screenshots probably for two reasons, they are not catchy or they are two limited. No one wants to waste their time and space downloading an app or game that they will have to delete in few seconds. Even if your app is boring your screenshots and app icons shouldn’t. I personally most times always look at screenshots and app icons BEFORE I read descriptions. If I don’t like these I move on to the next app or game. They are times when I miss a really good app or game because I didn’t stop to read the description before I move on, I just simple looked at app icon and screenshots. After-all these are visible manifestation of the app or game, or they should be.

App Description

A strong app description is very essential for the success of your app. Often times I see developers with great apps with only two or three lines about the app. Most times I move on to the next app, unless the screenshots told a story and caught my attention. You also don’t want to make your description too short or two long. You want to tell a story about the app and what it can do and why the person should download it, but be creative and not boring or long. Here are a few additional pointers to write that winning app description:

  • The first few lines of your description should summarize the highlights of your app or game. You should also use primary keywords
  • Write your app description like you are writing an essay for an exam, you want to let it flow
  • Include at least 10 sentences (but no more than 15), using your primary and secondary keywords throughout.
  • Three sentences per paragraph.
  • Imagine that you’re someone else looking at your app, what would you like to see in the description? Does it adequately describe the app, but not a boring and immature manner? Keep reworking your app description until you believe you have a winning app description. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion from friends and or even from other app developers

Research keywords

Think about your app/game as a whole for a few moments. If you could pick 10 keywords that apply to your mobile game, what would it be?

Ask some other people what they would pick – specifically those that are not working on your mobile game. Write down some of their answers, then use the tools linked above to find out which keywords are more popular than others.

You can also type in the first few letters of every keyword. For example, if you are developing a shooting game, consider using this as a keyword. Type ‘S-H-O,’ and you are probably going to get a bunch of games with the word ‘shooter’ in the title. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, the keyword ‘shooter’ is a strong keyword that you should be using.

Keep in mind that the IOS appstore only allows 100 characters in your keywords, therefore chose them wisely.

Target these keywords

After you have come up with a set of keywords that you think will work, find the two strongest keywords that yields the best results in search and put these in your app icon. For example, if you are building a Fruit match 3 game similar to that of candy crush, you might want to name your app “Fruit Crush” or something similar, making use of the keyword ‘crush’. You also do not want to use keywords that are too saturated, for example the word ‘Flappy’ might get you a lot of traffic but if you should type that word right now in search you will get thousands of results. You want to use a keyword that will describe your app, will get you lots of traffic but at the same time is not well saturated. That’s where ASO Tools like Searchman or Sensortower comes in.

Do you have any other tips/comments regarding ASO techniques? Let us know in the comments below! Also please share our articles with others.