App Store Optimization- The Keys to AppStore Optimization and app success

App Store Optimization- The Keys to AppStore Optimization and app success

The number one reason why many apps fail is not because they do not have great apps, or because they don’t know the right people to get their app out there in the news, all these are important but the number one reason why many developers app fail is due to their apps not optimize for AppStore properly (Please read our blog post on App Store Optimization- The Key to Getting your app seen by millions). What is App Store Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of an app in an app store (eg Google Playstore, Windows App Store or IOS App Store) and is closely related to search engine optimization. AppStore Optimization is a marketing strategy that has been quickly evolving since the beginning of the app stores and has been receiving a lot of attention over the years.

So if AppStore Optimization (ASO) is so important why is not many app developers using it and using it properly? The truth in my experience is that many blogs and bloggers and other persons in the industry makes ASO seems complicated, that only a selected few can master AppStore Optimization. But the truth is, everyone can master ASO, you just have to know what to do and look for. AppStore Optimization IS NOT A COMPLICATED PROCESS. It can be long depending on your app (e.g. finding the right keywords for your app or game) but it is not complicated.

I will not be the one who will tell you that it is an easy and quick solution to your app success as you will still need to promote your app(s), but I will tell you that it takes time to implement, but when it is done properly will yield results that could blow your mind, and bank account to another level. AppStore Optimization should be a part your marketing strategy. Remember you are competing against thousands of other apps on the App Store that are similar or probably even better than yours.

I am sure that you can find tons of guides on the internet giving you step by step guide so therefore we at TopAppsReviews have decided to write you some stuff or fundamentals keys to ASO that you should look for. We believe that if you pay close attention to these keys to AppStore Optimization then your app will or could be a big hit. This post will therefore cover four essential keys to ASO that you should keep in mind when you’re optimizing your app for the app stores.

1 – Research
Like any business venture, university or company you are thinking of starting, research is very important when you are dealing with apps. You have to remember that you’re not the only one building awesome apps. Research is therefore very important part of your marketing strategy and ASO. Before you start optimizing your app you need to first research the environment. This includes a number of areas such as your app and your competitors

Your App
For you to know where your app is and how it is doing on the App Store you will need to look at your app, it’s features, ranking, what search terms it is rank for and not ranking well for? To really improve your app visibility in the app stores, you need to thoroughly research how your app is doing and ranking in the app stores. It is then you will know how you can improve your app visibility. You will also want to find out how others feel about your app (this is where reviews comes in). Reviews about your app should not be neglected as these are the people who want to download and tell others about your app. Many persons before they download an app look at what others are saying about your app.

You’re Competitors
Who are your competitors and how are they ranking in the app stores? What is persons saying about their app in comparison to yours, and does these reviews and ratings shed some light on opportunities you could grab at? What keywords are they using and ranking very high for that your app is not using or ranking well for? Understanding what keywords your competitors rank well for helps you get an idea for the search terms they care about, and can give you insights into their marketing strategies. Do you want to find another niche to go after? What about your competitor’s app features?

Finding the answers to these questions will offer many insights that you could implement. You will also want to know what their app downfalls/weaknesses and strengths are. You now see why research is so very important in your marketing strategy?

2 – Test

App Testing is very important and should be fundamental to your ASO. Though testing is not easy is very important and should be done. The key areas you will want to look at in terms of AppStore Optimization (ASO) includes: keywords, keyword placement, screenshots, and description.

App Keywords
You have already research your app and its competitors and have thus gain valuable insights into what keywords you rank high or low for and improvements that needs to be made. In your research you will have notice keywords you may want to target. Getting the right keywords that will improve your downloads and app ranking will not be an easy and may not happen all at once, therefore that is is why it is important for you to constantly testing your keywords to see which keywords will drive downloads of your app and what needs to be replace.
I would recommend that you try out keywords with different combinations of difficulty, volume, and relevance. You might want to target high volume keywords with high difficulty. Or maybe you take a more conservative approach and target lower volume terms where you’ll have a better chance to ranking highly. This is why therefore you should create two list of keywords, aggressive and conservative and regular test each list to see any change in ranking and/or downloads.

App Keyword Placement
Where your keywords are place is also important in your testing because placing a keyword in a certain location can help you rank higher for that keyword. Trying switching around certain keywords that are important to your app to see if there will be any change in ranking and/downloads.

App Screenshots
Screenshots are very important to your app success as many decisions to either download or not download is made by just looking at an app screenshots (see our blog post about your app screenshots). Testing your screenshots is therefore a great way in improving your app conversion rate.

With the new Apple iTunes Connect page, you will be able to see how many users have visited your app’s page and how many of those people have downloaded your app.

App Description
Have you ever visited an app page but there was really nothing on it to tell you about the app or convince you to download the app? I have countless times visited many developers apps page and after looking at their app description moved on to another app which had a much better in-debt , but not too long description about the app. It makes a great difference therefore in conversion to create compelling description.

The first few lines in your app description will be very important, remember persons don’t have much time to sit and try to figure out what your app is all about.

Do your first two lines hook the user into wanting to know more? Do you show social proof here? Have you included any awards you’ve won? Try testing different things to really optimize your description.
You can also use the description to help test keyword placement. See if you rank for keywords in your description (Google PlayStore looks at the description, but the Apple App Store is still unproven). If you do rank for keywords used, does frequency impact your ranking? How does your ranking for keywords in your description compare to other keyword locations?

It is very important when you’re doing your testing to try and isolate as many outside factors as possible, e.g. paid campaigns. If you are running paid campaigns while testing keywords try to keep downloads as constant as possible as you don’t want your data to be skew and thus lead to bad judgments. You will therefore need to consider what factor(s) accounting for the downloads you are receiving, is it due to paid campaigns are changes in keywords? You don’t want to be running a paid campaign while changing your keywords and account your level of downloads due to keywords. I would suggest that you try to test your keywords for a week without any paid campaigns.

3 – Iterate
You have already done your research and your test, now it is time to analyze the date and iterate on those tests. To iterate means to according to “to say or do again or again and again”. Whatever your testing and research shows you, you need to work on those. You will also need to go back to these steps in few months or weeks after your testing and analysis has been completed. There is no limit in the number of tests, iterations, and research you can do.

4 – Supplement
Although app store search leads to majority of downloads, (53% according a recent study conducted. Read our blog post on details of How users find app on the App Stores , it is very important for you to include other marketing mix in your marketing strategy and for your app to be successful. For example paid installs, app reviews and pr will gain a lot of buzz about your app as many persons visits app reviews sites in their search for apps. Social media is a must as millions of people gather each day on Social Media sites to talk about various things, maybe you can run a paid promotion on Facebook and/or Twitter. We will also need to build a website for your apps and make regular post/updates.
You may also want to get the word around when you update your app, fix bugs, earn awards, reviews or anything to deal with your app.

We hope you found some valuable insights and have already started thinking about your next move after reading this blog post on the keys to optimizing your app. These are fundamental ASO strategies that you should always be able to use no matter how ASO changes in the future. If you have anything to add or want to make a comment please feel free to reach out to us via twitter, Facebook and or contacting us. Please share this post with others and please, do leave a comment below.

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