Angry Birds Go Review

Angry Birds Go Review

Angry Birds Go Review

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I have never really been a fan a car racing games until just recently as I have grown tired of some of the racing games on the AppStore that fail to deliver in terms of entertainment, features, graphics amongst other things. Some of them are just very boring and frankly is a waste of time as many lack excitement or that grabbing power. Despite of this I have always have this yearning for car racing games but could never found any that really grab me, well except Shrek Kart. Imagine my excitement when I got a hold of Angry Birds Go. I was always hearing about Angry Birds games and frankly didn’t see what the fuss was about.

The first time I played Angry Birds I was amazed at how not interesting I found the game. It was just not my type of game as it lacks that excitement or pull I was expecting. Because of my past experience with Angry Birds I was very reluctant to download another game with the words ‘Angry Birds’ attach to it, but after some debate I finally decided to give it a try so I downloaded Angry Birds Go. Did I like it? Well let’s just say the game has been on my IPhone for more than a month now and is certainly not taking up any space.

Graphics and Sound
The graphics of this game is second to none, in my opinion (could get a little touching up though for most parts), the characters and the whole graphics of the game just jump out at you, and I don’t mean in a very scary manner. I must say I am really liking the whole setting of the game especially the island background when your about to start the game and you are given options to upgrade your Kart. I also love the sound

About the Game
Angry Birds Go is an easy to play and fairly addictive Mario Kart type game, especially if your playing for short bursts of time. The familiar, colorful characters are all there and each has their own unique power-ups to use against the opposition. In terms of controls, controls are very understandable and easy to use. You can either steer using tilt controls or on-screen buttons, and there’s no acceleration or braking to worry about as it’s a downhill racing and gravity does it all for you. To start you only have one character, the Red bird, and one kart which you can upgrade using coins. You can unlock new characters by completing races, and there are some awesome power-ups to play around with.

In Angry Birds Go!, there are five types of races to compete in. First, there is the traditional race, where your character will compete against some bad piggies. Next, there is a “Time Boom” mode, where a single racer race against the clock and have to reach the finish line within a certain time. There is also a “Versus” mode in which you are against one opponent, and a “Fruit Splat” mode. The fifth mode is where you race against an opponent in a one-on-one race. Upon winning, you may choose this character to race with at any time, and the next track becomes unlocked.
The ability to change characters is useful because they can become tired after racing, and require time or gems to recuperate. In order to progress successfully through the various levels, you’ll need to work out which cars and characters are the most appropriate. This requires a fair amount of grafting on your part as you’ll have to earn coins to purchase upgrades. You are able to play the game without using the in-app store at all, but that’s if you don’t mind having to use slower karts and not able fully upgrade Kart when you want or unlock new characters, and if you don’t mind the repetitive, tedious process without it.

For a game, Rovio is charging top dollars for the best karts, this I think is big downfall, and for a game that has a lot of children playing it this is definitely not a good thing. This makes one think if Rovio is only in this to make top dollars, yes I do agree that games or big money business but wouldn’t they profit more by charging much less or even adding a free game currency option where users can download an app for game currency? Therefore giving a lot more players the chance to upgrade and continue playing instead of getting frustrated and ending up deleting the game. You might be able to complete the game using fully-upgraded stock vehicles, but we sincerely doubt it. It is therefore very difficult to fully enjoy the game if you are not willing to spend a little cash.
I wish the road would change each game time, just like in Subway Surfer (SEE REVIEW HERE). The lack of this therefore makes the game look and feel too repetitive and lacks the kind of excitement that Subway Surfer brings.

COST: FREE TO PLAY, but lots of inapp purchases
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