6 ways to get your app to #1

6 ways to get your app to #1

Every day literally thousands of apps are release on the Google PlayStore, iOS AppStore and windows store. Many of these apps receive very little downloads as the chances of them being seen and downloaded is very slim. If you want to get your app downloaded then you have to put in some work. Here are 6 ways to get your app to #1.

1. Create a great app that persons will want to download. Do a research on the AppStore, or app forums to see what apps persons are downloading and talking about, what made these apps different? What do people like about them? What could you add to enhance or improve the app? You do not want to make an app that no one will want to download and use.
After you have created or reskin an app, please do not forget to test the app. You need to ensure that the app works how it should and there is no bug that will affect the use of the app. TopAppsReviews offers an App Analysis and Testing Service that can do this for you. Find out more by CLICKING HERE

2. AppStore Optimization- Many developers thinks that after they have created and launch their app then that is it, the downloads and the money will start pouring in. That might have been so in the early days when the AppStore was young, but not today when literally thousands of apps are being launch on a daily basis. You therefore need to optimize your app if you want your app to be successful. Read more about App Store Optimization here. We also offer AppStore Optimization services for all app types at reasonable prices. Click here for a quote

3. Social Media Promotion. In today’s era, no business can expect to reach great heights without doing a little promotion on social media. The most popular of these that you need to get on is Facebook and twitter. Start by creating a Facebook page and opening a twitter account about your business and make regular constructive post. Your post doesn’t have to deal with your app or business all the time, but it can be about something you read that you think might be helpful to your followers, this will no doubt help you to build a loyal following. You can either buy followers and like or encourage persons to like and follow you (which I think is the better option as you are more likely to have a loyal following than if you went out and bought likes and followers). Please note that it is not a must that you have bought but I encourage you to. CLICK HERE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION

4. Promote your app an forums targeted to your type of app eg android or iOS. These persons will be more likely to download your app as they are interested in your type of apps. Forums are a must if you want to be successful. Add your app link or banner, or site to your apps in your signature and become active in these forums, please do not only talk about your apps but apps on a whole. Be helpful to others as the more you post helpful things is the more persons will see your post and thus your signature and it’s the more persons will trust you and are more likely to check out your apps.

5. Do Press releases before and after app release- The purpose of a press release is to get your news in front of as many people as possible, chances are your news will be picked up by some of the big guys in the industry. TopAppsReviews offers Press Release service where we will post your app news on our site, send it in our newsletter and promote on our social media page. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

6. Get your app review. This is a great option to get your app before thousands of people. They are many app review sites that offer both free and paid reviews. You need to check them out. Many persons before they download an app they first try to find reviews about that app first. Similarly, many persons check app review sites often to see any latest app reviews that they may be interested in. TopAppsReviews offers both FREE APP REVIEW and PAID app Review services. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT WHICH PACKAGE MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU

I hope that these tips will help you on your journey to get your app(s) discovered by the millions of people who visits these stores on a daily basis. For maximum results, please follow all these steps.