Save Contacts Email CSV Review

Save Contacts Email CSV Review

Have you ever wanted to be able to create a file or a storage for all your contacts with just one click? Then you need…………
Let’s look at two facts. 1. Let’s face it, writing off all your contacts, especially if you are someone who has a lot of contacts in your phone book, can be very time consuming. I wanted to do this sometime ago and just the thought of it got me worried. Imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine introduce me to this app. I immediately put it to some good use.
Facts #2: many of you, like me, have lost either phones with lots of contacts that is hard if not nearly impossible to get back or got our SIM card (if your phone uses SIM card) damage or cut without any backup of our contacts. I have lost phones and had got my iPhone SIM card cut which resulted in me loosing all my phone contacts. Up until today my iPhone is functioning without approximately 65% of all contacts missing.

Regrettable I did not have this app before all of these horrible experiences, but don’t worry those days are gone as now I can have all my contacts exported and send through my email. I can then download it and store it somewhere save.

How does it work?
When you open the app the first thing you will notice is a big red button with a message asking you to export all your contacts and send them through email. When you click on the bottom you have the option asking you if you want to import your contacts through any google products or you want standard csv format.
Regardless of which format you chose either Standard CSV file format or google formatting, you will then be taken to your email where you can send it to email address you choose. I chose to send it back to myself where I will then be able to download it. All this can be done in less than 20secs instead of spending probably hours saving all your contacts, after all it’s the age of technology, why not let technology work for you?

What We Like About it
We love everything about this app, from it’s simplicity (even a small child can literally use it) to it’s function of saving us hours of writing down all our phone contacts.

We believe that in this day and age everyone should go and get this app. You can’t afford not to have Save Contacts as one of your apps.

Price: $0.99